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How can I install my eSIM via “Direct” installation on my iOS device?

Installing Your eSIM with ESIM-Man App

If you want to install your eSIM, choose the DIRECT installation method in the ESIM-Man app and follow these steps:

1. Open the ESIM-Man app and tap on the MY ESIMS tab.
2. From there, tap on DETAILS and then select INSTALL ESIM/ACCESS DATA.
3. To start the installation process, tap on INSTALL ESIM at the bottom of the screen.
4. Next, tap on ADD CELLULAR PLAN and give a label to your eSIM.
5. Choose the default line for making calls or sending messages.
6. Select the preferred line for using iMessage and Facetime.
7. Make sure to set your ESIM-Man eSIM plan as the default line for Cellular Data and do not enable ALLOW CELLULAR DATA SWITCHING to prevent charges on your other line.
8. Under CELLULAR PLANS, choose your ESIM-Man eSIM.
9. Toggle on TURN ON THIS LINE.
10. Go to NETWORK SELECTION and pick a supported network.
11. Now, go to CELLULAR DATA NETWORK and update the CELLULAR DATA APN field with the advised APN mentioned on your ESIM installation page. Keep the remaining fields blank.
12. If required, turn on data roaming as instructed on your ESIM installation page.
13. For any questions or assistance, you can contact support.

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