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Using & Managing eSIMs

How can I track my data usage with iOS widgets?

Tracking eSIM Data Usage on Your iOS Device Welcome to

How can I remove an eSIM from my iOS device?

Removing eSIMs from your Device Removing eSIMs from your device

Can I receive phone calls on my primary number?

Using Dual SIM and eSIM If your device supports both

Can I access all apps and websites with my eSIM mobile data?

The ESIM-Man eSIM: Access to Apps and Websites The ESIM-Man

How many eSIMs can I install?

eSIM Compatibility and Number of Active eSIMs Some devices, such

Why don’t I see 5G in the status bar on my iPhone?

Connecting to a 5G Network To connect to a 5G

How do I change my eSIM label?

Managing eSIM Profiles One of the key features of most

How can I save data usage on my iOS device?

Enabling Low Data Mode to Save Cellular Data One of

How can I check my current data usage?

Checking your Data Usage One way to check your current

Can I reinstall an eSIM?

eSIM Installation and Activation Welcome to the eSIM installation and

How can I remove an eSIM from my iOS device?

Managing eSIMs on Your Device If you no longer want

Can I use 5G with my eSIM?

5G Network Compatibility Please note that some ESIM-Man eSIMs offer

How can I top up an eSIM?

Recharging Your eSIM If you want to recharge your eSIM,

How can I save data usage on my Android device?

Using the Data Saver Feature Android devices have a feature

Can I install the same eSIM on multiple devices?

The Limitations of Installing an eSIM Installing an eSIM on

Can I use tethering (Personal Hotspot)?

Using Your Personal Hotspot with eSIM You can use your

When is it safe to remove eSIMs from my device?

Removing eSIMs from Your Device There are several situations in

How do I set a data limit on my Android device?

Setting a Mobile Data Limit on an Android Device Setting

When can I use the same eSIM?

Using and Managing your eSIM When you purchase an eSIM,

How can I receive SMS and calls while connected with my data-only eSIM?

Setting up and Using eSIM on Your Device eSIM is

What happens to the unused data after the validity period?

If you have any questions or need assistance If you

How do I know which eSIM is using data?

Checking the Selected eSIM for Data Depending on your device’s

Where can I find my eSIM’s ICCID number?

The ICCID Number When you need assistance with your eSIM,

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