How to use an eSIM When Traveling Abroad?

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It doesn’t matter who you are — a digital nomad, a tourist or just a vacationer, staying in touch abroad is always a crucial thing. Nowadays, there are several ways to make phone calls and surf the Internet on the road when traveling.

One can switch to free Wi-Fi spots available in bars, hotels or wherever. However, get ready to take all the risks on yourself (leakage of personal information and other relevant issues). Also, you can activate data roaming from your home carrier. Only then, don’t be surprised when you have to pay astronomical bills.

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There is still an option of going to the store and purchasing a local SIM at the destination place, but where you will quickly find such a store and whether the tariff will be really convenient is a big question! What other options are left? They will be discussed further. Besides, you will find out how to use eSIM when traveling if you read our blog.

Traveling Abroad

About an eSIM card

The abbreviation eSIM comes from “embedded SIM”, that is, a built-in module. This is an innovative chip that is installed in the device at the stage of its production.

An electronic SIM card performs the same functions as a plastic one – it provides subscribers with the opportunity to communicate. However, such a module is much more advanced than a traditional chip. And, above all, they are physically different.

It is necessary to purchase a regular plastic chip, taking into account the individual size of the slot, and insert it into the smartphone. If you do not use it temporarily, then you need to store it somewhere so as not to lose or demagnetize it. A virtual module is a small chip that allows you to use the services of several operators at the same time. To activate an eSIM plan, you do not need to buy a new SIM card every time and change it on your phone.

About an eSIM card

eSIM Benefits for Voyagers Abroad

  • One of the main advantages of using eSIM abroad is its convenience. Unlike traditional plastic SIMs, which you need to insert and remove when switching between network operators or when traveling abroad, eSIM provides continuous switching with one click.
  • There are no more risks that the SIM card will break or get lost! The eSIM is built into the device and withstands physical wear and tear.
  • With eSIM, you can constantly change plans, choosing the most flexible and profitable plan. You can easily change your network provider or view your data plan without having to replace your physical SIM card. Also, when traveling in another country, you can subscribe to a local network provider, without having to buy a new SIM card.
  • In addition, the use of eSIM contributes to the preservation of the environment. The production and disposal of billions of physical SIM cards generates significant amounts of plastic and metal waste each year. By adopting eSIM, we will all become participants in a global waste reduction project and contribute to the preservation of our planet.
  • The eSIM takes up less space than a physical SIM card, thereby freeing up valuable space inside our increasingly compact devices. This space can be used for other components, such as larger batteries or more complex hardware, which improves the overall performance and functionality of our gadgets.
  • The cost of the eSIM abroad plan also matters. Our services are much cheaper than roaming from a home operator. You will be able to connect as much data as you need for the entire trip and at the same time pay a reasonable price!

How to Activate eSIM & Use It?

Before switching to an eSIM card, you need to select a suitable device equipped with this digital solution. The choice is not difficult, since there are not many devices at the moment.

One may ask – can I activate eSIM abroad? The answer is yes. An eSIM activation goes easily, but it depends on the type of device and the operator providing the service.

Step-by-step guide for eSIM activation on iOS

  1. Check out if your iOS device supports eSIM technology and has the freshest version of iOS.
  2. Choose the operator offering eSIM and claim a QR code for electronic sim activation.
  3. Head to your device settings, pick “Cellular” and tap on “Add eSIM”.
  4. Scan the QR code using the iPhone camera or type in the code manually in case the camera is not working.
  5. Wait for the message about the successful activation of the eSIM and configure it as you prefer (for example, choose a name, color or icon for your profile).
  6. If a physical chip is still installed in your iPhone, then you can select which number to choose for home communication and start using eSIM internationally for messages or data transfer. For this, open the settings, select “Cellular” and tap on “Default”.

Step-by-step guide for eSIM activation on Android

  1. Ensure your Android supports an eSIM technology and has the freshest OS version.
  2. Choose the operator that offers eSIM and get a QR code or an activation application.
  3. Run the settings on your Android, pick “Network and Internet” and tap on “Mobile network”.
  4. First, click “Add” and then “Do not insert a SIM card”.
  5. Scan the QR code with the device’s camera or enter it manually. Or you can load the app, register there and choose a tariff.
  6. Wait for the message about all is done correctly and configure it as you prefer (for example, pick a name, color or icon for your eSIM profile).
  7. If your Android has a physical SIM as well, you can choose which number to use for calls, messages and data. For this, run the mobile settings, choose “Network and Internet”, click “Mobile network” and tap on “Preferred SIM for…”.


This solution is much more convenient for device makers, because it allows you to save space inside the case, which can be used for various new sensors or for an enlarged battery. In addition, this will further increase the moisture protection of the device. For users, an eSIM while traveling provides more convenience than a regular plastic SIM card, for the reasons described above.

As soon as eSIMs start appearing even in inexpensive Xiaomi phones, or at least in all flagship models of Chinese brands without exception, it will become a generally recognized standard. So far, only owners of Samsung or Apple gadgets can try out all the advantages of a given digital solution. In a word, it is safe to say that eSIM is the future. There are many good reasons for this.

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