Madagascar eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

Madagascar eSIM
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Holidays are a long-awaited time for many. This is the perfect time to relax, explore new places, and create unforgettable memories.

Experienced travellers know that summer trip to Madagascar are often expensive, and it’s not just the price of tickets or hotel reservations. Mobile communication and Internet will also make you spend a lot while traveling. However, today is an opportunity to save money on mobile communications when traveling abroad.

In this article, we will look at how to save money on trips using the new eSIM technology. You will also learn interesting facts about Madagascar from the blog.

General Info About Madagascar

General Info About Madagascar

Most of us know that Madagascar is a beautiful tropical island, located somewhere far from us. It’s time to learn a little more about this paradise.

Madagascar is located about 400 kilometers east of the African mainland. It is an isolated and mysterious country that is still far from mass tourism. This exotic country is one of the most vibrant and intriguing places on the planet. Its official name is the Republic of Madagascar with the capital Antananarivo.

Climate of Madagascar

Language, Local Currency & Climate of Madagascar

From 1897 to 1960, Madagascar was part of the French Colonial Empire, and even today French is one of the two official languages of the country, although most Malagasy residents use Malagasy as their primary language.

The national currency of Madagascar is the ariary. For security reasons, while staying on a trip to Madagascar, exchange cash only at offices or banks. ATMs are installed in almost all bank branches in Antananarivo and other cities. The cost of staying in a middle-class hotel is nearly 100 euros per day. Lunch in a middle-class restaurant without drinks will cost 20-30 thousand ariary. A taxi ride costs about 10-20 thousand ariary.

Its landscape varies significantly — from tropical forests and mountains (the highest point is at an altitude of 2,876 meters above sea level) to deserts and rice fields. The highest air temperature in December is 35°C. July is the coldest month on the island and temperatures can drop to 9°C.

5 Interesting Facts about Madagascar

For those who are in doubt about whether it is worth going to Madagascar, we have compiled five exciting facts that will dispel any doubts and help ignite the idea of a trip to this fabulous island.

  • Population. The locals of Madagascar are of three main types: the first ones are short and similar to Vietnamese or Japanese. The second are tall blacks with curly hair. The third ones are mixed, with bronze skin color, curly hair, and a short, flattened nose. This diversity is explained by the fact that many centuries ago, Madagascar was the object of migration of many folks: they migrated from Indonesia, India, various African states, Arab countries, etc.
  • Lemurs. These amazing animals are the symbol of Madagascar, and more than a 100 different species of lemurs live here. The island’s authorities have created many national parks, the main attraction of which are entire families of various lemurs. Seeing unusual animals, chatting with them, and observing them in their natural habitat is a favorite pastime for tourists.
  • The cuisine of Madagascar. National dishes are a crucial part of the island’s culture. The main ingredient of Madagascar cuisine is rice. However, here it is seasoned with delicious products: exotic fruits, unusual spices, hot chili peppers, an abundance of seafood, and even antelope meat.
  • The Elephant Bird. Archaeologists often discover skeletons of the “elephant bird” – Aepyornis and its eggs with a capacity of up to 8 liters in many places in Madagascar. This bird was described in The Arabian Nights. Moreover, Marco Polo wrote about the elephant bird in the book On the Diversity of the World.
  • Sorcerers. When selecting the day for marriage, the start of house-making, or any other vital matters, Madagascar locals turn to the sorcerer Umbiasi. It also helps to determine if the couple will be compatible and will help to carry out the necessary ritual. Umbiasi are also healers. They know the properties of plants and suggest how to care for the sick.

Top Places to Visit in Madagascar

  1. Antananarivo. Not sure where to go: to Europe or an exotic island? The best solution would be Madagascar. The capital of the island of Antananarivo is an ancient French colony and a stunning city amid exotic greenery. It’s similar to how a tourist gets to France: everything reminds of it, from architecture to cuisine.
  2. Ifati. The snow-white beaches near the fishing village of Ifati are considered a popular holiday destination for tourists from different countries. There are many places to stay in hotels, apartments, and guesthouses with offers of various levels of comfort. The tempting ocean is very close by. It’s nice to hear its sounds at any time of the day. A unique feature of the recreation area is the presence of a coral reef with a length of about 100 km.
  3. Antsiranana. The resort is situated in the northern region. Antsiranana is one of the best places to visit in Madagascar. It is chosen by outdoor enthusiasts exploring the nature of the underwater, terrestrial worlds of the island. Antsiranana is a huge part of the country and an industrial center. It is located on the shore of a large bay (the second largest in the world). This made it possible to create a resort with all the entertainment similar to a European vacation.

What is an eSIM?

eSIM technology stands for Embedded SIM, that is, “built-in SIM card”. This is the same “SIM card” that you insert into your smartphone, but physically it is already located inside the device case in the form of an all-in-one small chip.

Unlike a regular SIM card, we can independently change the binding of the eSIM to a specific operator. To do this, you need to get a special QR code with the settings from the desired operator. Moreover, to change the operator in the future, it will be enough just to get a new QR code.

You can store several settings for different operators in the device memory. The user is free to independently change which network to connect to at the moment in the smartphone settings.

Madagaskar eSIM Benefits for Tourists

Madagaskar eSIM Benefits for Tourists

Many tourists purchase eSIM before traveling abroad. Why are they doing this? Here are a few reasons:

  • You don’t need to go to your mobile operator’s office and you can get an eSIM online from your phone, tablet or other device.
  • Unlike a physical SIM card, you cannot break or lose an eSIM because it is embedded inside your gadget.
  • You can use both cards at the same time: one is a regular physical SIM card and the other is an eSIM.
  • It is possible to change data plans quickly and easily through your gadget’s settings or mobile app.
  • When changing the tariff plan or operator, you need to activate new settings in the smartphone menu – the whole process is maximally simplified.
  • You can activate up to five different profiles (multiple operators and tariffs) and store them in the eSIM memory.
  • In addition, if you lose your device with an active digital card, you will be able to block the number through your mobile operator.

Top-3 Madagascar eSIM Providers

When going to Madagascar, choose Madagascar phone number and an eSIM tariff plan! Here are the best providers:

  1. Airalo. The company offers a local eSIM at a low price. The benefits for users are easy activation, savings on roaming, and impressive coverage. Do not buy a roaming data plan in your country, and do not pay hundreds of dollars for it! Try Airalo’s eSIM and use local data plans in Madagascar, which start at $3.96 per GB.
  2. Airhubapp. It offers travelers local and regional eSIM packages. Airhubapp has affordable data plans, including local and global ones. The most expensive data plan costs about $75. Or, you can buy a 15-day data plan that gives you 15 GB for your journey to Madagascar.
  3. Knowroaming. This popular provider helps you avoid expensive roaming bills while traveling abroad. There is no roaming fee, and you can buy Madagascar eSIM plans online! Here, you find various data transfer plans from 100 MB to 50 GB, costing $3.96 per GB. Please note: SMS messages cannot be transmitted or deleted. Use Knowroaming data plans and save up to 90% on roaming in Madagascar!
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