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Are you going to Africa? On business or just to have fun and relax? Now is the best time to travel to South Africa! Moreover, your smartphone can make travel experience much more comfortable if you prepare correctly in advance. In this article we will share with you some interesting facts about Africa and why you should choose a South African eSIM to travel to the hottest continent on our planet.

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5 Amazing Things about Africa that You Didn’t know before

Well, first of all, some information for those not staying in the picture: Africa is the only continent located in four hemispheres at once! The equator and the prime meridian pass through it. The prime meridian is used as the origin of the geographical longitude.

5 Amazing Things about Africa that You Didn't know before

Here are some interesting facts about South Africa:

  • Vast reserves of water under the Sahara. An aquifer lies at a depth of up to 500 m in the north of the Sahara. It is located in Libya, Egypt, Chad, and Sudan. The entire volume of water in the aquifer is more significant than in Lake Baikal (over 150 thousand km3 versus 23,615 km3).
  • Gender equality: Rwanda’s experience. Despite Rwanda being among the 46 least developed places worldwide, gender policy here is a level higher than in Europe or the US.
  • The second most populous continent. There are 55 countries and 5 unrecognized states on the continent, with a population of more than 1.35 billion people.
  • The biggest river. The Nile River in Africa is the longest one in the world. It has a total length of 6,650 km (4,132 miles) and is being reduced in 11 countries. It merges into the Mediterranean Sea from the Eastern part of the African continent.
  • Baobab. The most striking natural miracle grows in Africa – this is the baobab tree. Disputes about its life length continue today, as establishing annual rings is quite challenging. But, as the analysis of radiocarbon shows, scientists claim baobab can live up to 5.5 thousand years. And, of course, the baobab delights with its shapes and sizes, so the trunk of such a giant can reach 25m in diameter!

Benefits of eSIM for International Travel

Communication is always relevant for people who travel abroad, for example, to Africa or any other country. No one wants to overpay for expensive data roaming, but staying abroad without mobile communication is much scarier. New technologies have made life more accessible to all. If you have a new-age gadget, it may be compatible with eSIM technology.

The digital SIM card is embedded into the “motherboard” of a smartphone or other device. This happens even at the stage of its production. What is the essence of technology, and what is its convenience? If you are a traveler or go on business trips, then it is advisable to connect eSIM for many reasons.

Benefits of eSIM for International Travel

Essential benefits of Digital SIM card (eSIM):

  • An electronic module is convenient. ESIMs can be easily switched to a new operator abroad.
  • One can use a regular SIM and an eSIM at the same time. These two may well coexist peacefully on your phone.
  • One can change the tariff directly in the device menu. It is also available to pick another carrier at any time.
  • An eSIM in South Africa is more profitable than roaming or purchasing sims of foreign telecom carriers.
  • The electronic card cannot be broken or lost; it is already inside the device and cannot be retrieved.

Another advantage is that one number can be used for several devices, not just a cellular phone.

How to activate South Africa eSIM ?

To activate an electronic module in South Africa, purchase an eSIM data plan from a service carrier. Then, you need to scan the QR code provided by an eSIM company that activates an electronic module on your mobile gadget.

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Top-3 Companies Providing The Best eSIM plans for South Africa

The Southern part of Africa is one of the most visited destinations on this continent. Choose the best time to travel to South Africa!

But international roaming will certainly not be cheap (to be honest, as in most places worldwide). So, what are the best eSIM providers for South Africa up to date?

  • ESIM-Man. This is one of the best options for those who do not want to overpay for mobile phones in Africa. The company does not charge additional commissions, everything is honest and transparent. You will find data plans: 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 15GB. In addition, several plans are specifically designed for South Africa and cost from $2.25 per GB. Buy an eSIM for South Africa, save money on roaming and stay connected!
  • Airalo. This is the most popular eSIM company covering over 180 countries (more than any other eSIM provider out there)! Airalo provides an eSIM that can be used in South Africa: CellSA. There are no extra fees with Airalo! And right now, there are a couple of brilliant tariff plans for travelers – 5 GB, 15 GB, and 50 GB. Simply put, Airalo is an excellent and straightforward option for those who wish to continue using their phone while traveling and avoid any problems with data roaming.
  • Holafly. Another top operator is providing South Africa esim tariffs. Here you will get excellent mobile service, especially for short trips. Holafly eSIM provides a constant 4G signal for $2.25 per gigabyte in most localities. Now the company offers additional discounts for regular customers.
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