Mobile Data Not Working — Fix Guide

Mobile Data Not Working — Fix Guide
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What to do in a situation when mobile data not working? And it may seem at first sight that this is not a problem. But wait a minute, but there are no Wi-Fi spots available. And that means that connection to the Internet is not possible at the moment. And perhaps getting into this situation means being “as without hands”. Why? Firstly, our whole life has a reflection in a virtual mirror, which is a smartphone. There is communication, work, study, creativity and a whole film of photos and videos. Secondly, we constantly need news. And it’s no secret that access to the Internet allows you to track almost all events. This is the case when on virtual spaces, you can find coverage of the same situation from different sides.

And thirdly, if we consider the moment when you are travelling. Imagine what happens if mobile data not working. Practically, you can describe this situation as a problem on a global scale. There is no possibility to find an actual route, data summary. And also there is an option to stay without a tasty dinner, because it is impossible to find a rating restaurant without communication. However, let’s understand the details of cell data. What is the difference between the function and Wi-Fi? And how to fix it if it stops working? Let’s start.

3 Key Facts About Mobile Data

3 Key Facts About Mobile Data

It’s worth starting with the fact that today around 5.1 billion people in the world have access to mobile data. And that represents more than 66% of the world’s population. And this percentage is so large that you can find a mobile phone in every corner of our planet. Also, a large percentage of users at least once met with the problem of mobile data not working. But what is mobile data? Let’s look at this question in five facts that will tell you similarly about the technology:

  1. Where is mobile data on iPhone or Android? This functionality can be found in the settings block. Once here, go to the section called “Cellular”. Here you can see the settings, roaming, modem mode, eSIM activation. And also the settings of the mobile operator and network data usage.
  2. By exploring this block, you will be able to link all the data and come to a general idea of mobile data. After all, this is the process of sending and receiving information using mobile technologies. And these technologies are special because they have been designed specifically to work with mobile networks. They include everything from text messaging and making calls, to downloading web pages and using applications. For example, when you make a call or send a text message, your gadget relates to the nearest base station. It then transmits the information to the next node until it reaches its destination.

What are The Dangers of Mobile Data Not Working?

It should be said that cell data transmission uses a variety of encryption technologies to protect information from interception and hacking. This means that it is one of the most reliable ways to transmit information. And if the technology does not work, then we start looking for a Wireless Fidelity connection point. Most users are aware of this feature, but they don’t know the key benefits.

What Few People Know — Wi-Fi Features

What Few People Know — Wi-Fi Features

And while the question hovers in your head: “Why my mobile data is not working?”, your hands are already monitoring in the Wireless Fidelity settings. And often it is a very convenient and priority technology. Also, it represents a wireless connection to join to the Internet. What are the benefits?

  • Firstly, if you are at home with your own Wireless Fidelity adapter, it provides security and superfast info transfer speeds.
  • Secondly, if you are not at home and mobile data is not working, then it’s time to find the nearest network distribution spot. When you reach your destination, wireless technology will provide free internet ability. Especially, it is relevant for travelling in another country, where carriers’ tariffs are expensive.
  • Third, is the ability to be an anonymous internet user. Since you do not use your personal transfer settings, but shared ones. This guarantees a high degree of anonymity.

Comparison of Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Data Transfer

What are the interesting things to highlight while doing a comparative analysis of Wireless Fidelity VS Mobile data:

  • 1 difference. The speed of wireless technology is faster than the speed of using cell data in most cases. Especially when downloading large files or when playing virtual games, watching movies and TV series if you use a network module at home.
  • 2 important point. A mobile network often has a wider coverage area than Wireless Fidelity. This allows users to stay related to the internet over longer distances. That is why the situation when mobile data is not working when travelling around the world is a big problem.
  • 3 feature. Cell tariffs often have limits on internet traffic usage. Therefore, it is important to use the available wireless technology network when transferring large amounts of information. 

6 Reasons Why My Mobile Data is Not Working

  1. Incorrect tariff. Probably, it is an unsuitable data plan that includes an Internet traffic package.
  2. Mobile data doesn’t work – wrong settings. Often you make mistakes when you set up the network yourself.
  3. SIM card problems. Maybe, you have installed the wrong ordinary SIM card if you use a plastic one.
  4. Also, if you encounter the problem mobile data is not working, but you are using an eSIM. In this case, try rebooting the phone or resetting the network info on the Embedded SIM.
  5. When travelling around the world, you will often encounter poor network availability from your operator in different locations.
  6. Software problems. There are times when you may encounter errors with another network settings update. Use our tips below to fix the error.

How to Fix Mobile Data on iPhone and Android 

To improve the mobile data is not working issue on the gadget, it will be better to go through the following guide:

  • The first thing to do is to check the balance on your account. After all, sometimes we start thinking about more complicated reasons. However, it can often be a matter of zero balance on the account.
  • When you have made sure that you have paid for all services by dialing the numeric combination of the mobile operator. It is the right time to make sure that the data in the network settings are filled in correctly. By the way, you will be able to find the correct info on the website of most carriers. They are available for general use.
  • If the settings are correct, it is worth checking whether the connection is good in the region. This is also a key point. And the mobile operator may not cover the area where you are now. You can also find the coverage map on the website or request it from the operator.
  • When you have gone through all the steps, but the problem mobile data is not working has not gone away. Then it is worth trying to reset the network settings, as well as the smartphone itself.
  • In the most difficult cases, it is worth doing a network reset under the guidance of a representative of the mobile company. You can also contact technical support directly.


The take-home message is often quick to resolve cell data problems. And they don’t require professional help from specialists. You may ask, what is the best choice? Mobile option or Wi-Fi? And the answer is on the surface. It all depends on the situation. If you are at home, there is connected Wi-Fi, then use it. Also download films and series, music and massive data through it. Mobile data is suitable for rhythmic movement around the city or travelling. When you have to constantly change locations but stay related. Combine and be sure to fix the mobile data is not working error if you encounter it.

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