Uzbekistan eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

Uzbekistan eSIM
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Trip to Uzbekistan – a challenge or an unforgettable holiday? This is a land that is filled with warm hospitality of the locals. It’s so hot here during the summer months that temperatures don’t drop below +30 degrees Celsius, even at night. In contrast, fresh nuts and dried fruits can be found in the local markets. It’s worth trying the ripe torpedo melon, which is what the region is famous for. The challenge is not only the heat of the summer days, but also the variety of hearty local cuisine. Have you tried the national soup Sherpa? It’s a challenge, because it’s so hard to resist the delicious food.

You will want to share photos and videos from your trip to Uzbekistan in messengers with your relatives and in social networks with your friends. However, in order to stay in touch while travelling, it is very important to have a mobile connection. And it is not only about transferring shots of local beauties, but also about navigation, selection of accommodation and cafes. Nowadays, without active mobile data, it is impossible to have a full-fledged holiday. And that is why it is necessary to have a variant of mobile communication without roaming and overpayments. You will ask: is it possible? Yes, and we will tell you about it in this article.

Trip to Uzbekistan — Weather & Local currency

Trip to Uzbekistan — Weather & Local currency

What is the weather forecast? Uzbekistan has a continental climate with hot summers and cool winters. In summer (June-August) temperatures can reach 40°C and higher, especially in desert areas. Spring (April – May) and autumn (September – October) are more pleasant times to visit when temperatures are milder. Winter (November – February) can even be cold in some regions, especially in the mountainous areas.

What about local money? The official currency of Uzbekistan is the Uzbek soum (UZS). However, there is a restriction on import and export of foreign currency in the country, so a lot of people recommend to exchange money while going into a trip to Uzbekistan at exchange offices or banks. International credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are accepted by major hotels, restaurants and shops, but cash is often preferred, especially in provincial areas.

The Best Holiday Season in Uzbekistan

The holiday season in Uzbekistan depends on the preferences you set for yourself.

For example, spring and autumn are the best time for an active trip to Uzbekistan. After all, temperatures at this time are more pleasant, and you will avoid the sweltering heat of summer.

However, many tourists prefer to visit Uzbekistan in summer. The reason for this is the desire to enjoy colourful festivals and events. It is worth noting music festivals, for example, Samarkand rock and roll, and also numerous gastronomic specialities.

Winter can also be an interesting time to visit. Especially for ski holidays in the mountainous areas. And if you think that a trip to Uzbekistan is about summer, you are wrong. There are excellent resorts for skiers and snowboarders.

5 Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan

5 Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan

  1. Hospitality. Hospitality is an integral part of the Uzbek way of life and remains an important aspect of society. Meeting guests with warmth and generosity is a tradition. Locals are always ready to help tourists, treat them to a cup of tea and warm them with local stories. By the way, Uzbekistan was included in the rating of 40 happiest countries in the world among more than 200.
  2. 300 days of sunshine. A trip to Uzbekistan is an opportunity to get a year’s charge of vitamin D. And even less probability to meet grey and cloudy weather, which often welcomes us in Europe.
  3. Not so long ago, a local airline became famous here. Guess what? They served local specialities on board: delicious pilaf, samsa and flatbread. Meanwhile, it is hard to imagine a trip to Uzbekistan without spicy rice with meat. And pilaf has entered the list of UNESCO’s intangible heritage.
  4. Yellow and white gold. Uzbekistan is home to the largest yellow gold mine in the world. And white gold here is called cotton. The material is loved all over the world, creating fashionable and comfortable clothes.
  5. Uzbekistan eSIM is also rapidly developing here, allowing tourists to feel at home. Why? Because this version of the usual SIM card does not require roaming and overpayments. With it you will be in touch during the whole holiday.

By the way, what places do you definitely need to be in? Let’s found out.

3 Best Places to Visit in Uzbekistan

Samarkand. The city played a key role on the Silk Road. And its position on this route made it one of the most important trade and cultural centres. The city was a crossroads between China, India, Persia and West Asia. Due to this strategic location, Samarkand flourished as a trading city, attracting merchants, scholars. Therefore, many relics are kept here.

Fergana Valley. This region is famous for its fertile valleys, beautiful landscapes and handicrafts such as carpets and ceramics. It is a shopping paradise during a trip to Uzbekistan.

Youth Vote – Tashkent. It is here that Central Asia’s first and most beautiful metro is built. It is also a bustling place, so the rhythm of the city charms you. Tashkent has the best cafes and restaurants with local tasty and spicy food.

eSIM for Uzbekistan — What You Need to Know?

This is where progressive young people live, and they are already actively using a new format of communication, which is ideal for travelling. So, what is Uzbekistan eSIM and what advantages does it offer? Let’s start.

eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a new embodiment of mobile communication in ordinary life. The card fully corresponds to a regular SIM card in terms of functionality. However, it allows you to create even more advantages for convenient use. Let’s upset the illustrative pros of using it.

eSIM Uzbekistan

Here is some benefits of the Uzbekistan eSIM card:

  • eSIM does not require personal presence when buying a card. You will be able to choose, pay and activate the tariff for 1000 kilometres. That is, you will already be able to receive Embedded SIM before leaving home.
  • 100% data roaming bypass. On a trip to Uzbekistan it is important to be always connected to a mobile phone, so you need fast and affordable communication. You buy a SIM card of a local operator at local prices. And you switch off the notion of roaming and endless overpayments.
  • It doesn’t require a commitment. It’s a temporary solution. You can even buy an Embedded SIM tariff only for the duration of your trip, then cancel. So it’s the optimal solution for using cellular service while travelling.
  • Keeps sensitive data safe. No need to use your personal home number. You arrive at the place and switch on your eSIM. When you leave, you change to the previous format. Easy. Honest and convenient.

List of Providers of Uzbekistan eSIM

Embedded SIM can be purchased from major carriers that are known in this hot country:

  1. Ucell. One of the largest mobile operators in Uzbekistan. Provides a wide range of communication services, including voice, mobile internet and eSIM-based communication services.
  2. Beeline (locally branded Unitel). A mobile operator that supports MFF2 or electronic SIM technology. The company has developed a whole range of tariffs for different purposes and traffic volumes, so you will be able to find a suitable option.
  3. UMS (Universal Mobile Systems). Another large mobile operator. Its services are convenient to use during a trip to Uzbekistan. The company offers seasonal promotions and special offers on tariffs.


In conclusion, it is worth emphasising that a trip to Uzbekistan is something native and cosy. It is tasty, nourishing and warm. You will meet hospitable locals and maybe make friends. You will not leave without new clothes made of natural cotton. And your muscle memory will always remind you of juicy melons, peaches and pomegranates.

Choose the season for your trip to Uzbekistan that suits you. However, while travelling, use a new format of communication without roaming and overpayments. And this technology is called eSIM. Among mobile operators, hover special offers on card tariffs. Have time to find yours and go to the country – the enchantress.

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