10 Most Beautiful Places in Turkey

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In recent decades, Turkey has consistently remained one of the five most popular European beachy places among tourists worldwide. Its warm sea, mild climate, comfy hotels for every taste and the “all-inclusive program” favorite of tourists – all this is here you will find.

The resorts of this republic offer fun for the whole family. It is impossible to get bored visiting different places in Turkey, for sure. In additional, special attention is paid to children in hotels. Therefore, many choose Kemer, Antalya, or Side for a family vacation with kids.

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Find out more information about which places to visit in Turkey in the first place, which season to choose for trips, and how to stay in touch due to Turkey eSIM solutions in the following sections of this blog.

Trip to Turkey: Weather, Money, and Interesting Places

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and mysterious countries. It attracts tourists not only with its resorts but also with its unique oriental aesthetics. When should I go to Turkey? It all depends on the purpose of the trip.

So, what is the best month to visit Turkey? Let’s find out:

  • For the beach vacation, it is better to go to Turkey from May to October.
  • To visit Istanbul in the low seasons it is better to go there from April to May and from September to November.
  • If you go to eastern Turkey for the ski resorts, choose days from December to March.

Local Currency & Where to Change Money in Turkey

The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira. In Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and other major cities, lira is most often accepted. On the Mediterranean coast, on the contrary, Turks are more willing to take dollars and euros from tourists. 

Tourists can easily exchange euros, dollars, and other currencies at exchange offices with yellow signs and inscriptions in English “Exchange Office”.

10 Wonderful Places to Visit in Turkey

If you still think that Turkey is exclusively beaches, hotels, and bazaars, then you still have a lot to learn about this country. There are enough amazing and little-known places in Turkey that can make up the real glory of this land.

Dalyan Resort

Drive 30 km towards Mugla province from Dalaman Airport. You will find one of beautiful places in Turkey – Turkish Venice! This unique place comes with many streams and channels — locals take tourists on boats along them. Also, in Dalyan, you will see the protected Iztuzu beach, Lycian tombs carved into the rocks, the ruins of the ancient Kavna city, and Kejegiz with Sultaniye hot springs.

The Underground City

We are talking about Derinkuyu, the largest and most famous underground city in the Cappadocia region. Its premises are hollowed-out in soft tuff and are located directly under the houses of the land town of Derinkuyu.  The age of this man-made miracle is about 3,500 years.

Turkish “Maldives”

The Salda Crater Lake is located in Burdur province. It is unique because it looks like a blue sapphire set in white gold. It is located at an altitude of 1165-1180 m above sea level. The lake is called the Turkish Maldives because of the characteristic combination of snow-white sand with turquoise water.

Tea Paradise – Karadeniz

The Black Sea region of Karadeniz are other places in Turkey for those who are looking for “another Turkey”. There are no giant hotel complexes and beaches here. This Turkey has a similar look to Switzerland: alpine meadows, deep gorges, and waterfalls. Karadeniz is also the tea capital of Turkey, where you can wander through the real tea plantations.

Kapuzbasi Waterfalls 

These natural beauties are located in the Aladaglar National Park. They are considered one of the most unusual sites in Turkey. These are seven waterfalls that miraculously break out directly from the sheer solid rocks. The height of one of them reaches 70 m.


This city, the birthplace of delicious baklava, is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. Moreover, it is famous for delicious sweets and pistachios worldwide. In addition, here you can visit the large museum of Zeugma mosaics. The building was built in 2011, but its exhibits have been preserved since ancient times.

Selimiye Mosque in Edirne

It is a unique creation of the famous architect Sinan which is under UNESCO protection. There are fantastic acoustics and decorated high vaults inside. Outside, there is a courtyard with blooming roses. Next to the mosque, one can see a traditional oriental bazaar with sweets, spices, and souvenirs for tourists.

Thermal springs in Afyonkarahisar

For the sake of this place, it is worth driving several hundred kilometers. There are many thermal hotels here — from budget municipalities to quite luxurious. You can stay in relatively inexpensive houses, similar to recreation centers.

Birthplace of Kebab 

There is an ancient legend according to which it was here that the famous kebab began to be cooked — a dish of finely chopped meat with spices on a skewer. The provinces of Adana are remarkable places in Turkey, paradise for gastronomists and meat eaters.

Cleopatra Beach

In the center of Alanya, from the Damlatas cave to the Day observation deck, surrounded by rocks, there is a fantastic Cleopatra beach. There is the purest water and snow-white sand. Sometimes pebbles are also found. The water here does not get cloudy even when the beach is overcrowded. 

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What is a Turkey eSIM

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Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world for many reasons. It is an ideal place to spend a vacation. Regardless of the date, the purpose, or the city, – this republic provides tourists with excellent accommodation at the most attractive prices.  Well, can I use my phone in Turkey? Yes, indeed! ESIM-Man offers high-quality and affordable internet packages for your Turkish trips. Enjoy it in full! 

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