What is The Best South America eSIM for Travel?

Best South America eSIM for Travel
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Traveling makes our lives richer and brighter! Seriously, who among us does not remember that pleasant feeling of waiting for a long-awaited trip when you count the days before departure? Especially if your next destination is a trip to South America! But how do you prepare for the trip correctly, taking everything into account without forgetting some crucial stuff? 

Plane tickets, a suitcase with things, documents, online confirmation of the hotel reservation, what else do you need to do before departure? Of course, choose a mobile plan to stay connected.

For those who need to work, listen to music, check their social media accounts, and get access to mail and messengers, unlimited Internet is needed. Learn more about how to stay connected while traveling in Brazil, Argentina, and other South American countries, and don’t spend too much money on our blog.

South America — Things to Know Before Traveling

South America — Things to Know Before Traveling

South America is a vibrant and diverse continent in terms of travel. Each country is rich in history and has its face and its nature.

What is South America if you take a closer look? It is a state with the ancient cities of the Incas, lost on the mountain ranges of the Andes, and the blue glaciers of Chile, sparkling with priceless diamonds in the sun. The Amazon jungle is noisy here, the Atacama desert is sweltering from the heat, and from the plane, you can see the mysterious signs left on the Nazca plateau by unknown civilizations.

Let’s learn something new about three places in South America. So, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia.

South America

Trip to Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country in South America, which occupies a large territory. It has a population of more than 200 million people. However, for most people in Europe, this country remains an unattainable dream because it takes a long time to reach.

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Here are five interesting facts about this state – home to the world’s most famous carnivals:

  1. There is a small island near Brazil that people are not allowed to visit. They call it Keimada Grande. Snakes live here. Also, it is on this island that the most dangerous snake in the world, the island bothrops, lives, from the bite of which 7% of those bitten die.
  2. Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world. It has held this title for 150 years. No other country in the world can compete with it in this indicator.
  3. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, but it is different from the one spoken in Portugal. The locals call it Brazilian Portuguese.
  4. Brazil is the largest residence of Japanese people outside Japan. Today, about 1.6 million Japanese descendants live in Brazil. Most arrived here after the signing of the treaty between Brazil and Japan in the last century.
  5. The largest telecom company in Brazil is Oi (a local company). It is the fourth mobile operator in the country and the third largest in Latin America.

Trip to Argentina

For many, Argentina is a country of the most delicious meat and wine. The rest of the facts remain a mystery to many. 

The capital of Argentina and its largest city is Buenos Aires, and the national language is Spanish. The official currency is the peso ($) (ARS).

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Besides, we provide you with five awesome things about this South American country:

  1. Argentina is the birthplace of many outstanding scientists, including 3 Nobel laureates. Thanks to the Argentines, in particular, fingerprinting and ballpoint pens appeared.
  2. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first skyscraper using concrete was built in Buenos Aires. An Italian architect designed the Barolo Palace, inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. So, the basement here depicts hell, the floors from the first to the 14th play the role of purgatory, and paradise is on the upper floors. At the very top, there is a lighthouse. This light is visible even from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.
  3. The main delicacy of Argentina is Asado. These are beef tenderloins cooked on a meter-long grill (La Parrilla). 
  4. The name of the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, literally means “good winds” or “clean air” in Spanish.
  5. In Argentina, three mobile operators offer services today: Claro, Movistar, and Personal. If you are wondering will my phone work in South America? The answer is yes! Argentine SIM cards work throughout the country without restrictions.

Trip to Colombia

Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America and one of the most populous states on the continent. The capital is Bogota. 

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Here are five interesting things about this amazing country:

  1. Colombia is the only country on the continent with access to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. There are more than 300 beaches and hundreds of kilometers of impenetrable jungle.
  2. One of the beautiful natural places in Colombia is the unique Cano Cristales River, which has five colors. Many tourists come to Colombia to see this miracle of nature. However, people have been trying to restrict access to the river to preserve its unique ecological system.
  3. This country is rightfully considered one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, with more than 300 different ecosystems and more than 1,800 species of birds.
  4. Most of the emeralds in the world — about ninety percent — are mined in the Colombian bowels. And it has a reason. The fact is that Colombia is part of the famous “Ring of Fire” with numerous volcanoes.
  5. The most popular local cellular service is “Vergin Mobil”. The cost of a given SIM card is 7000 pesos (about $3.5).

Why Choose eSIM for Brazil, Colombia or Argentina?

An ESIM is a 5 x 5 mm chip built into the motherboard of a smartphone from the first place (at the production stage). Thanks to eSIM, one can use communication services without installing a plastic SIM card and without going to the operator’s office to sign a contract with him.

To use the eSIM South America service, it must be activated remotely. You can select multiple operators and switch between them without physically changing the SIM card.

Digital technology is convenient for travel. It provides international coverage. Depending on the selected package, the eSIM can work either in one country or in the whole region. Also, eSIM is much more profitable for the price than regular roaming.

eSIM South America

How to Pick the Best eSIM Provider for South America?

So, before buying an eSIM for a trip to South America, learn how to choose the best eSIM for South America. Choosing an eSIM depends on many factors, including how long you will be abroad and how much traffic you need.

Fortunately for you, we will make it easier! Next, we will tell you how to find the best eSIM fare for a trip to Brazil, Argentina, or Colombia.

How long will you be traveling?

Modern eSIM tariffs have an expiration date. The validity period of the tariff can be either seven days or 180 (six months).

If you are going on a trip for the weekend, it is better to use the short-term eSIM tariff. Are you traveling for work? You may need an eSIM tariff with a validity period of a couple of weeks. If you are going on a trip for a month or longer, you may need an eSIM traffic package that will allow you to stay connected longer.

How much traffic will you need?

Many eSIMs have a certain amount of traffic (1, 3, or 5 GB). Besides, usually, there is a possibility of replenishment. This way, you can add traffic if it runs out. The amount of traffic you need depends on how often you use it while traveling.

What is your communication budget?

Decide how much you will spend on mobile communications and the Internet while traveling to places in South America. Different providers offer different tariff plans. Accordingly, the cost of services differs. For example, if you prefer unlimited internet, be prepared to pay more for your data package.

eSIM Activation Guide

Before installing and activating eSIM in South America, ensure that your device is compatible with this technology. If your smartphone was released in 2018 or later, then most likely it supports eSIM. 

So, you have ensured that your device supports eSIM. Now, you can install and activate it. Follow our guide!

  1. Choose a company that offers eSIM tariff plans. You can do it online. Then, select a plan for the destination you are going to.
  2. After purchasing the eSIM South America, install it on the device. For this, you will need a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can install a digital SIM card in the provider’s application, via a QR code or manually.
  3. Most eSIMs are activated when you turn on an eSIM number and connect to a supported network at your destination. Once connected, the expiration begins, and you can use the eSIM plan you have purchased.

It usually takes no more than 5 minutes to install and activate eSIM.

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