Norway eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

Norway eSIM — Everything You Need to Know
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There are places on our planet that attract travelers with their mystery and mystery. Norway is one of them. These are not beaches with Pina Colada; there are no bright carnivals and tropical jungles. But there are stunning castles, majestic mountains and lakes, and fjords worth seeing at least once!

But before you go on a trip to Norway, take care of mobile communication. Roaming is quite expensive today, and local SIM cards in Norway are not cheap. What is left for the traveler in this situation? Switch to a favorable eSIM tariff plan. Find out all the details further in the text.

Trip to Norway

Interesting Facts About Norway

Norway is a beautiful country surrounded by picturesque valleys, majestic mountains, and endless forests. Read these interesting facts about Norway that can surprise even the most knowledgeable traveler.

Interesting Facts About Norway

Here are some interesting facts about this beautiful place:

  • The Land of Vikings and Sagas. Historically, Norway was the birthplace of the Vikings, who made long journeys and left their mark on history. For those who do not know, sagas are wonderful literary works that tell about the adventures of the Vikings and the life of those times. Getting to know this rich cultural heritage can open for you a fantastic world of sagas and legends. Do you want to experience the beauty of this world? Go to Norway!
  • The best place for skiers. If you are a lover of downhill skiing, Norway will be a real paradise for you! For lovers of outdoor activities, this country offers a lot of opportunities. Here, you can ski and snowboard on the magnificent slopes, as well as go on exciting hikes through the mountains and forests. The stunning Northern lights are another of the wonders that Norway can give you. Seeing sparkling green and purple rays in the night sky will leave an unforgettable impression.
  • Picturesque fjords. Fjords can be safely put in the first place in the list of the most beautiful places in Norway. This is one of those treasures of nature that everyone dreams of seeing at least once. And some were even lucky enough to sail between them on a boat. It’s hard to imagine the excitement during such a trip! Although this is a common practice for locals — more than half of the population has a boat, speedboat, or even a yacht.
  • Polar Night. When planning a vacation or business trip to Norway, remember about the polar night! Many Norwegian cities are located beyond the Arctic Circle, and the sun does not rise there from November to January. To cope with vitamin D deficiency and depression in cities beyond the Arctic Circle, there are unique bars, cafes, and entertainment centers equipped with bright lamps that give both ultraviolet and very bright cold lighting
  • Driving trips. The most ideal option for traveling in Norway is a trip by car. In this case, you can go whenever you want and not depend on traffic jams, time or weather. Besides, you can still spend the night in the car. But keep in mind that the price of gasoline in Norway is about 15 kronor per liter of gasoline and 13 for diesel fuel. Thus, a thousand kilometers of travel will cost about 1000 kronor (and remember that there are toll roads here).

Expert advice – on weekends and Monday mornings, Norway’s fuel is 15% cheaper. It’s better to fill up the car these days.

Why is eSIM The Best Option for a Traveler?

Experienced travelers know well how much mobile service matters when staying abroad. And many choose the most convenient SIM card in Norway for tourist.

The eSIM is a built-in SIM card that is integrated directly into the device’s motherboard. This technology is used both on smartphones and on other smart devices, such as trackers, smart watches, tablets, and others.

The largest IT companies, Apple and Google, were among the first to support eSIM. A bit later, Samsung picked up the trend, and now Chinese corporations have begun to master the built-in cellular module as well. With the gradual expansion, an eSIM is starting to appear in more and more budget devices, so a complete transition to this format is expected pretty soon.

eSIM Pros — Why is This So Convenient?

Against the background of the mass business migration to online, mobile operators who did not have time to implement eSIM lost the most. It is this technology that allows you to sell and configure SIM cards remotely. But this, of course, is not the main advantage of a virtual SIM card.

The most crucial pros of Norway eSIM

The most crucial pros of Norway eSIM are as follows:

  • A digital SIM is a great solution to abandon the physical card and all related restrictions entirely, and an eSIM tariff is cheaper than roaming fees.
  • An eSIM can support several cellular operators at once, which can be easily managed without spending more than a few seconds.
  • eSIM downloads numbers over the network without restrictions on the number of slots, as with physical SIM cards.
  • An electronic module increases the security of the mobile device – in case of theft, the module will not be removed and thrown away, as thieves mainly do. To upload a new profile to a gadget, one will need a password from the previous phone. In this way, the location of the device is identifiably in the same way as a regular SIM card.
  • But, the main advantage of eSIM is the freedom of choice. One can order a new number from another mobile carrier quickly and online.

Top eSIM Providers for Norway

If you are going on a trip to Norway, choose the best eSIM tariffs. We have picked the most profitable options below:

  • Airalo. One of the most famous providers all over the world. To date, Airalo offers the most favorable tariff plans for travelers to various countries. For Norway, there are special offers that fans surfing the Internet for hours and paying a little will appreciate. So, for today, Airalo provides this fantastic tariff offer: 10 GB for 30 days for only $17.85
  • ETravelSim Norway. This provider appeared on the market not so long ago, but many subscribers in Europe are already choosing it. The prices for the Norway esim plans here are slightly higher than Airalo’s, but it gives unlimited packages. So, now, travelers to Norway can buy an unlimited Internet package here and use the data for 15 days. The service price is $40.
  • Maya Mobile. If you are going to stay in Norway for less than two weeks, the Maya Mobile Europe+ tariff plan with unlimited traffic will become the best option for you. The price for now is $59.00. The given tariff plan gives you unlimited internet access for 30 days, covering not only Norway but also 29 other European countries.

Besides, this eSIM in Norway provides data transfer speeds in 3G and 4G networks, ensuring uninterrupted Internet communication during your voyage.

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