How Much Does an eSIMs Cost?

How Much Does an eSIMs Cost
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eSIM cost is one of the key things that people ask questions about among other aspects of Embedded SIM. Why it matters. Because in today’s digital age, the eSIM is gaining popularity month after month. While carriers are competing with each other in different countries of our planet for favourable mobile phone tariffs. This is important because every modern person wants to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues almost every minute.

However, most users opt for an e-SIM, leaving behind the plastic version. Why? If only because the financial benefits are clearly defined here. For example, if you lose or damage an ordinary card, you will have to buy a new one. In the case of an eSIM or MFF2, it’s storing in your gadget’s memory and you can recover it without the need for a new purchase. Here’s a +1 to the new technology. And what is the average price of an eSIM in different countries?

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The Technology That Changed The World of Communication — eSIM

MFF2 technology: the M2M form factor is an invisible approach to the concept of a SIM card. This technology cannot be seen with the eye, touched, inserted into a smartphone or lost. It is a new format of communication that is inseparable from the gadget. Be it a smartphone, smart watch, tablet or even smart gadgets for car and home. It is an inbuilt part in the gadget and works as an inseparable system. It is essentially the same familiar SIM card with the same options, only with more features.

The Technology That Changed The World of Communication — eSIM

The eSIM capabilities include:

  1. Buying eSIM online – no need to come to an offline mobile phone showroom. Stand in a queue, wait for counselling and draw up a large number of documents. The novelty can be bought on the website of any carrier in a matter of minutes;
  2. Replaces a phone with 2 SIM – and even more, because with Embedded SIM you can activate up to 10 phone numbers;
  3. Personal data security – keeps your personal data private, because you cannot remove the card. It will always stay on the gadget and be close by;
  4. Convenient for travelling – you can activate the local tariff from home, and when you arrive you can use the prices without roaming – it’s a big money saver;
  5. You can choose the cheapest eSIM plan – the card is much cheaper than plastic in all aspects. And what factors can influence the cost of MFF2?

Carriers & Data Roaming — What Affects eSIM Costs?

It is worth noting that the final Embedded SIM price may vary conditional on various factors and conditions, including the following:

  • Carriers. Different mobile operators may offer a wide grid of tariffs. Larger and more popular companies charge higher prices, while less promoted players in the mobile communications market may offer more flexible terms;
  • Tariff plans. Meanwhile, the final cost of the card will depend on the plan you choose. Individual or group packages include different amounts of data, minutes and text messages, internet traffic and additional options;
  • Period of validity. There are plans that offer longer validity periods than others. The longer the validity period, the higher the cost of the card may be;
  • Roaming. And this is where the benefit is buried. After all, an e-SIM compared to a regular SIM card does not require roaming. You can buy a local operator’s number before travelling and enjoy services at minimal prices.


The take-home message is that buying a virtual SIM card is 90% more favourable than a regular SIM card in terms of price for a number of reasons. For example, when you buy a plastic version, you have to pay for the card itself, as well as for delivery or purchase in a shop. And you also waste time, which is invaluable in the 21st century. Embedded SIM is fast and does not require production costs.

Also with MFF2, you’ll overtake roaming and rip off the finish line of benefits. Move around countries, activate a virtual card in each and forget about extra communication costs. And you can choose the tariff that best suits your needs and manage it from your mobile gadget. It’s convenient, comfortable and modern. It’s also a great replacement for smartphones with two SIM cards and even more. For personal purposes, you will be able to activate one phone number. And for business, you can even use several options, where each can have a different choice of tariff and mobile operator.

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