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Trip to the Czech Republic
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Places to visit in Czech Republic occupy a special place in the list of the most interesting locations in the world. Why? Firstly, there are more than two thousand castles in the Czech Republic. They represent different architectural styles, from Gothic to Renaissance. Secondly, in this country it is impossible to refrain from trying beer. This drink represents a real pillar in Czech culture. Local breweries offer a wide variety of beer varieties. Thirdly, it is an ideal place for lovers of outdoor activities. Such as trekking, cycling and cycling trips. Fourthly, despite the fact that the Czech Republic is part of the European Union, it has not switched to the euro. Accordingly, prices for many goods and services are more affordable compared to neighbouring countries such as Germany.

Also, when travelling to places to visit in Czech Republic, it is impossible to be without an active mobile phone. As mobile phones allow you to book hotels, transport tickets and activities. Also, mobile communication is especially important for route planning and time saving. However, is there an alternative to roaming for travelling to the Czech Republic? Is there a method to travel with an affordable and high-speed cellular connection? Yes, and you can find all the answers in this article.

Trip to the Czech Republic: Weather, Money and Interesting Places

However, let’s start our story about the Czech Republic in terms of weather, local currency and amazing must-see locations. Firstly, the climate of the Czech Republic is characterised by mild winters, moderately hot summers, early spring and late autumn. Meanwhile, as far as travel spots are concerned, many tourists choose active holidays in the Czech Republic at ski resorts. Also, the locals here use the Czech krone as their currency, not the euro. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect so that you can plan a trip to Czech Republic.

The Best Month to Visit the Czech Republic

  • Winter in the Czech Republic (December-February) is difficult by cold weather with temperatures ranging from -1°C to -7°C depending on the region. Meanwhile, there is a lot of snowfall in the mountains, which attracts winter sports enthusiasts. Precipitation in the form of snow and rain can be heavy.
  • Spring (March-May) brings warmer weather.  Accordingly, the average temperature rises to +19°C. It often rains at this time of year, but there are also sunny days.
  • Summers (June-August) in the Czech Republic are hot. As temperatures can reach +30°C. However, despite the heat, it often rains, which brings freshness.
  • Autumn (September-November) is characterised by a gradual decrease in temperature to +18°C and an increase in precipitation. In October comes the golden autumn with bright colours and comfortable weather.

Therefore, the best month to travel to Czech Republic is October. This month you can really enjoy your trip. As many local breweries reduce the prices of their best brews. Many traders offer discounts on handmade products. And many hotels and hostels will give quiet and comfort. After all, the number of tourists is reduced compared to September. Also, in October, the Czech Republic hosts the Czech the Light festival, which gives cities a dazzling illumination.

Local Currency & Where to Change Money in the Czech Republic 

The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech krona (CZK). And the most favourable way to change currency is at unique exchange offices called “Smenarna”. By the way, they work without weekends and usually from 10:00 to 20:00.

Is it possible to pay with money other than cash when travelling to places to visit in Czech Republic? Meanwhile, paying with a card in the Czech Republic is also favourable. As there is usually no interest charged for such transactions. However, it is worth taking into account the currency conversion, which can affect the final amount. It is best to use the card with the lowest conversion fee. Meanwhile, a lot of tourists recommend to check the conditions of using your card abroad, including possible fees and transaction limits, before travelling.

What not to do? However, it is not recommended to change currency on the street from unknown persons, as this can be dangerous and illegal. Also, it is important to remember that currency exchange at the airport or train stations usually offers a less favourable rate, so it is better to change currency at specialised exchange offices in the city.

Places to Visit in Czech Republic

3 Wonderful Places to Visit in Czech Republic

Of course, everyone knows the main attractions in the Czech Republic, which include ancient sites in Prague as well as numerous castles across the regions of the republic. However, what about three unusual locations?

  1. Airplane Bar Letka in Olomouc. Airplane Bar Letka Tu-104 is located right inside an old airplane. It was turned into a holiday destination back in the days of communism. You can only get inside with the help of an iron staircase. By the way, nothing has changed inside, except that the passenger seats have been turned to small cocktail tables.
  2. One of the most unusual breweries in the Czech Republic is Kocour in Varnsdorf. This brewery is characterised by brewing beer in more than ten styles. The brewers use different types of hops and malt and apply different types of fermentation. Meanwhile, the speciality of Kocour is co-operation with brewers from different parts of the world, which allows creating unique beers. In the brewery’s restaurant you can try light and dark beers. Also, the drinks are smoky flavoured, semi-dark, bitter and fruity.
  3. Emniste Castle. It is one of the legendary places to visit in Czech Republic. The castle is located an hour’s drive from Prague. It is interesting because the representatives of the noble family of Sternberg still inhabit this castle. And conduct tours of their estates.

Top 5 Interesting Facts about the Czech Republic

  1. The oldest chimes in the world. Astronomical clock in Prague, installed in 1410. Incidentally, they are the oldest working clock in the world. And the clock not only counts down the time, but also shows the position of the sun, moon and stars.
  2. A magnet for film directors. The Czech Republic is often the filming location for Hollywood blockbusters. Such as “Casino Royale”, “Mission Impossible” and “Van Helsing”. This is due to the unique colour and architecture of the country.
  3. The invention of contact lenses. A Czech chemist invented silicone. Moreover, it is used in the production of modern contact lenses.
  4. Home of Skoda. Concern Skoda, known for its cars, was founded in the Czech Republic.
  5. Here, 80% of tourists choose Czech eSIM as a comfortable mobile phone for their holidays. It is interesting that the trend is gaining momentum, with every year increasing the number of new SIM sales. Is it an alternative to roaming?

What is a Czech Republic eSIM

What is a Czech Republic eSIM & Why Do You Need One?

Yes, this technology, which is a Soft SIM. The card is part of your smartphone or other smart gadget. Also, performs all the functions of a standard SIM. And according to the calculations of IT experts, will soon supplant roaming. Why? 

  • Firstly, Virtual SIM allows you to download profiles of different telecom operators without having to physically replace the SIM card. Accordingly, it greatly simplifies the process of connecting to local networks in other countries. Also, this is especially relevant for travellers who no longer have to worry about finding local shops to buy a new SIM. Or about possible problems with roaming activation at your own operator.
  • Secondly, using, for example, Czech eSIM reduces the cost of roaming. As tourists can choose in advance a tariff plan with favourable conditions for international calls and internet. Meanwhile, don’t rely on expensive roaming deals. This makes travelling more affordable and cost-effective.
  • Thirdly, Embedded SIM promotes competition in the market of telecommunication services. Because it allows to choose between different carriers, regardless of their geographical location. This incentivises carriers to offer more attractive tariffs and services. To attract and retain customers.

ESIM-Man App

How to buy a Czech Republic eSIM on ESIM-Man?

  1. Click on the You will be on the main page of our website.
  2. If you have not registered yet, log in to your personal cabinet. To simplify the process, use authorisation via social networks. It is safe.
  3. Type the Czech Republic into the search bar on the start page. And click “Search”.
  4. You will see a list of current Czech eSIM offers from different mobile operators.
  5. Choose the best option for you, based on the parameters of the length of your trip and the amount of internet traffic.
  6. Go to card payment. Use a convenient method for the transaction.
  7. After payment, wait for the QR for Embedded SIM activation, as well as detailed instructions.


The take-home message is the Czech Republic is a diverse location. And this country is suitable for every type of tourist. If you have an active lifestyle, choose the mountains. On the contrary, if you like to explore culture and traditions, then choose a sightseeing tour. If you like to eat good food, then welcome to Czech cuisine. And of course, don’t forget the beer. However, without affordable mobile phones, travelling will be difficult. So choose Czech Republic eSIM and enjoy your journey.

After all, eSIM is an innovative solution. And technology could soon change the telecoms market in a big way. Making international roaming less relevant and more affordable for everyone.

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