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Andorra eSIM
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Traveling is an integral part of life, bringing new emotions and reasons for joy. But how to prepare for it? Buying tickets, booking a hotel, and choosing a taxi upon arrival are not all the mandatory points of the trip.

In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine life without smartphones, they have become an obligatory part of life; calls, games, shopping. Moreover, cellular devices are of great importance when traveling. Any voyager wants to stay in touch and at the same time not spend a large amount on mobile calls and the Internet abroad.

Surely, one can use a home carrier’s roaming, buy a local SIM card, or use public Wi-Fi. But is it so convenient and accessible in reality? Roaming is very expensive. You still need to buy a local card, but it is not always convenient, especially in an unfamiliar country. Wi-Fi in public places is a profitable thing, but there are risks of data leakage.

So, anyway, we need a new way to stay in touch. And this is an eSIM plan. Find out the details regarding interesting facts about Andorra and why eSIM is the best choice further.

Trip to Andorra — What You Need to Know

Trip to Andorra — What You Need to Know

Andorra is a paradise for nature lovers: 90% of the territory is covered with forests. This miniature state is located between France and Spain, and many tourists come here all year round (about 8 million).

Climate & Weather in Andorra

The climate of Andorra is very unique and quite mild. Thanks to the mountains Andorra is reliably protected from the winds throughout the year.

In summer, the daytime air temperature reaches +20 + 22 degrees, at night — about 10 degrees Celsius. In winter, the air warms up to 8-10 degrees Celsius during the day, and night frosts reach -3 degrees. The rainiest month is May and, of course, autumn, and snowfalls are frequent in winter.

Local Currency & Language

Andorra does not have its national currency, and the legal tender is the Euro. Since April 1, 2012, this European currency has become the official means of payment in the territory of this state.

The official language of the country is Catalan. Spanish is no less common in business and everyday communication. The vast majority of the population speaks three languages: Catalan, Spanish, and French, which are taught in schools and universities. Employees of the tourism industry are fluent in English.

Interesting Facts about Andorra & Places to Visit

Interesting Facts about Andorra & Places to Visit

Andorra has its full official name – the Principality of Andorra. It is one of the dwarf states of Europe, which is located in the eastern Pyrenees.

Here is 5 interesting facts about Andorra:

  1. Andorra ranks sixth in the ranking of the smallest countries in Europe. The area of the principality is 468 square kilometers. Most of the territory is occupied by the Pyrenees, the cities are located in narrow valleys between mountain ranges. The largest river, the Grandvalira, flows through the capital of Andorra and then flows into Catalonia. There are many mountain lakes in the Pyrenees, and forests cover about 30% of the country’s territory.
  2. Andorrans are very similar in temperament to Spaniards. The local population is friendly to tourists, but communication can be hampered by poor knowledge of English among people who are not related to the tourism sector. If a resident of the principality speaks the language of international communication, you can count on any help from him.
  3. The state is fantastic for visiting at any time of the year. The peak attendance at ski resorts comes between December and March, and those who wish to see the sights and visit the thermal springs come in the summer season. From June to September, Andorra hosts many festivals and cultural events.
  4. This small country has five ski centers at its disposal. The Principality is world famous for its ski resorts, shops with affordable prices, and an ideal infrastructure in the field of hospitality.
  5. Prices for clothes, perfumes, cigarettes, etc. are 25% lower in Andorra when compared with other European states. A tourist can have lunch in a local cafe for 10-15 euros; a visit to a luxury restaurant will cost nearly 50 euros during a trip to Andorra. You will pay 2 euros for a cup of coffee and 0.8 euros for a bottle of water. The ski equipment rental price for one week will be 90-160 euros, snowboard – 100-200 euros.

Best Places to Visit in Andorra

Here is a compiled list of top spots for tourists:

  • Andorra la Vella. The first thing a tourist arriving in Andorra should see is its capital. The city is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level at the place, where two rivers merge to form the la Valira River. Andorra la Vella was founded in the 10th century AD. Already in 1278, it became the center of the Andorra principality. Soon, peculiar houses, castles, and churches appeared in it, which were inherent in the city, where merchants and other locals from all over the country gathered. Many ancient buildings have survived up to today.
  • Grandvalira. This is Andorra’s largest ski resort and one of the largest in the world. It has seven different sectors to access its rivers and peaks (Encamp, Canillo, Soldeu and Grau Roig, El Tarter, Peritol, Pas de la Casa). With over 120 slopes and more than 200 kilometers covered, Grandvalira is Andorra’s greatest ski resort. The Grandvalira ski pass is one of the most expensive (although not very expensive), but it is suitable for all these sectors. This is the best option for a great weekend.
  • Naturland. This leisure space, located in Parroquia de Sant Julia de Loria, is one of the most attractive spots for visitors who want to combine family holidays and active tourism. The outdoor entertainment center for children and adults is situated in the Bosc de La Rabassa, in the Parròquia de Sant Julia de Loria. There is a Bike center Naturland, a riding center and much more.

What is an eSIM — Advantages & Usage

Sooner or later, we won’t need physical SIM cards to stay connected. Plastic SIM cards have been replaced by the new eSIM technology, which can support multiple carriers at the same time. So, What is it, and how do you use eSIMs? Let’s found out.

eSIM is a non-removable module built into the smartphone. It performs the same function as a traditional cellular chip, except that it is programmed and physically connected (soldered) to the device’s motherboard. Thus, users can online change current mobile data plans and carriers without replacing the SIM card physically.

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Remember that you can use esim for Andorra only on those gadgets that support the given technology. The connection and setup differ depending on the smartphone brand and OS.

eSIM Andorra

Here is some eSIM benefits for voyagers:

  • This electronic module is impossible to lose. Technically, an eSIM is a hardware component of a device, which is integrated into the main board. You may lose something, but only together with the device.
  • You can change tariffs and operators at any time. Also, you can use a physical SIM card and an eSIM simultaneously. It all depends on the specific model of your device.
  • One can use eSIM even on small gadgets. The compact size of such modules allows manufacturers to install them in smartwatches, tablets and phones.
  • Low eSIM plan cost for travelers. Of course, compared to roaming packages, the new technology wins many times.

Top eSIM Providers for Andorra

  1. Airalo. This company is famous worldwide for a reason. To date, it offers data plans ranging from 1 GB to 50 GB. Forget plastic Andorra SIM card for good! There is no longer a need to remove them from devices! The helpful support staff makes Airalo very popular. This company offers over 80 data plans in over 120 countries, so you can easily access global content while visiting Andorra. Use Airalo eSIMs when traveling to Andorra. The prepaid tariff plan for Andorra costs only $8.5.
  2. Airhubapp. This is another company providing Andorra eSIM. At the moment, the Airhubapp offers several tariff plans specially designed for use in Europe. You can purchase various tariff plans from 100 MB to 50 GB, costing from $ 2.60 per gigabyte.
  3. KnowRoaming. The company offers many profitable eSIM plans for Andorra. Use it while traveling and avoid costly bills. With KnowRoaming eSIM plans, you will get a 5G network and multiple data connection options for Andorra. For now, there are a couple of fantastic eSIM for Andorra data plans for travelers – 5 GB, 15 GB, and 50 GB, which start at $3.96 per GB.

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