What is Pay As You Go Phone Plans?

What is Pay As You Go Phone Plans
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Do you prefer to live your life at a steady pace? And have you recently received the title of “Time Management Mentor”? In that case, you should definitely find out what is Pay as you go. Because this plan will be favourable if you do not use communication or internet services so often. For those who travel often or are abroad and only need to pay for the definition of the service while travelling. If you have a second phone for emergencies or plan to use it as a backup. For those who want to control their communication costs and internet traffic and are trying to avoid unexpected extra charges. For older people who rarely use smartphones or other communication services and only when necessary. Ready to learn more about the tariff? Let’s start.

What is Pay As You Go

Pay as You Go — What is The Essence of the Data Plan?

Pay-as-you-go or Pay-as-you-use is an abbreviation for the tariff discussed in this article and is a tariff plan model that gives users the opportunity to pay only for the services or resources they actually use. Instead of paying a flat fee for a fixed period of time: month, quarter or year, the user pays only for the number of minutes of calls, messages, megabytes of data used or other services when they use them. This offers great flexibility and savings for those who do not plan to use communication or internet frequently. By the way, it is worth replacing such plans are especially popular among those who want to avoid long-term contracts and wish to control their communication costs.

No Prior Commitment — Pay as You Go

No Prior Commitment — Pay as You Go

Let’s look at the aspect that no commitment is required. How do pay as you go phones work? What are the conveniences? Let’s see:

  1. Firstly, you are not bound by a long-term contract and can change the terms or stop using the services at your discretion;
  2. Secondly, you have the possibility to easily switch between different tariffs or providers to choose the best conditions: no contract, no obligation;
  3. Thirdly, if you use communication or internet services temporarily or irregularly, you can avoid overpayments by paying only for the services actually used.

And of course, the most important thing is that you will be able to travel without restrictions and change mobile operators when you arrive in each country.

How do Pay as You Go Plan Work?

  1. Buying a Pay&Go plan. This process does not differ in any way from other varieties, you can make the purchase offline or online in accordance with the rules of the cellular operator;
  2. Activation of the data plan. Next, you need to activate the card: request instructions from the provider depending on the type of SIM: physical or eSIM;
  3. Top-up. Replenish the balance of the phone number for the required amount via web service or applications
  4. Start using. The convenience is that you pay directly for the services you use.

Is it Easy to Travel with Pay as You Go Plan?

Yes, travelling with Pay&Go is quite easy and convenient. This type of tariff plan is especially favourable for those who are often abroad.

Is it Easy to Travel with Pay as You Go Plan?

We have prepared 4 good reasons using a possible trip to Thailand as an example:

  • You’ll only be able to pay for the services you actually use when travelling in Thailand, whether it’s the central part or Phuket. For example, you only pay for the minutes of talk time, texts, or megabytes of data you’ll need locally;
  • The tariff can help you avoid high roaming charges as you can buy local SIM cards or use an eSIM or Embedded SIM – a virtual, or you could also say electronic SIM card that is part of smartphones with a post-2016 release date. This technology allows you to connect tafivas of local mobile operators without visiting a sales office in person, but through the internet or online;
  • You can strictly control your communication and internet costs while travelling through the scenic spots and beaches of Thailand, avoiding unexpected extra charges;
  • If your plans suddenly change and you decide to visit, for example, Vietnam, you can easily switch to another tariff or service provider to enjoy services at affordable prices.

Can I use my pay as you go phone abroad? Of course!

Weaknesses of the Pay as You Go Plan

Did you know that some of these offers may restrict you from using certain features, such as international calls or roaming? Such restrictions can be inconvenient if you often have to travel abroad or communicate with people from other countries;
Also, even the best Pay as you go phone plans can limit your internet speed once you reach a certain limit. This can make the internet less efficient for tasks that require high speed, such as uploading videos to social networks and messengers or uploading large files;
And to continue using Pay&Go plans, you’ll have to top up your balance regularly, which takes extra effort and time compared to the automatic debit on regular plans.


Pay as you go cell phone plan is the best option for travellers and for those who use phone calls and internet services on a regular weekday or weekend. Pay only for the traffic or minutes and sms you use and be free from contracts and obligations. You can buy tariff plans both in mobile phone shops and online. When making plans online, it is very often possible to get special offers and discounts that are not always available in mobile communication salons, so we advise you to pay attention to Embedded SIM and make purchases easily on the vastness of the global network.

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