What Does “Unlocked” Phone Mean for eSIM Use?

What Does "Unlocked" Phone Mean for eSIM Use?
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eSIM on locked phone is one of the frequent queries that are related to the high-tech field. Meanwhile, new technologies have indeed taken over our life, imagination, thinking and emotions. We are in the race for the novelties of the IT technology sphere every day. We choose new applications for different needs: food delivery, navigation, financial transactions. Also, most active owners of smart novelties frequently update their phones, smart watches, tablets and other gadgets that are gaining power year after year.

And one of the opportunities to increase the “brain” on iOS or Android has become Embedded SIM. Many specialists and experts of advanced cellular communications companies are talking about this stifled version of the SIM familiar to our gaze. The first mention can be about the card from 2016, and for this short period of time, the novelty has become one of the most popular implementations, ending up in the current generation of smartphones. Does your phone have an e-SIM? How about checking it out? Let’s found out.

eSIM as The Technology of The Future of Mobile Communications

MFF2 technology: the M2M form factor or e-SIM is rather even a function of the phone to support cellular communication and a unique phone number.

Why a function? Let’s found out:

  • Firstly, the card has no plastic carrier, and this is one of the most important differences from the standard SIM. In fact, this is the advantage of the new format over the previous one, as the MFF2 has freed up space to increase the power of a phone or other smart gadget. For example, the dimensions of a plastic Micro SIM card are 1.2 by 1.5 cm, and now this space using one or another components that increase the efficiency of the smartphone;
  • Secondly, the eSIM is already in the gadget itself and you will be able to use this service or not depending on the situation and your desire. Consequently, the card doesn’t need to be bought, additionally removed or placed in the phone, so the card has organically become part of the phone’s system;
  • Third, like any feature on a smart device, the e-SIM can be in lockdown mode. For example, the mobile operator can block this service on the phone, or unblock it. But how to see if phone has unlocked indicator?

What is an Unlocked and Locked Phone for eSIM?

Here things are simpler than they seem, as an unlocked smartphone for Embedded SIM usage is a feature that you will be able to use the minute you finish reading this article. That is, if your phone supports the MFF2 format and you can add the details for the new card in the settings under cellular, it means that no one has locked your phone to use the virtual sim card.

What is a smartphone without e-SIM support? This is that device that does not have a virtual sim card mechanism. No one can block your phone to use the new technology because there is no system mechanism.

What is a locked phone for Embedded SIM? It is that gadget which supports the electronic SIM feature, but after reading this information you will not be able to activate the card due to locking.

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How to Know if is My Phone Carrier Locked?

First of all, you need to check in settings if your phone shows unlocked position for Embedded SIM, below we have provided a detailed guide to check.

If you see locked, what are the reasons for it? Let’s see:

  • Sometimes telecom operators may impose restrictions on the use of electronic SIM to control connections and prevent illegal or unauthorised attempts to embed to their network. In this case, you should contact the specialists of the company whose services you use;
  • Some cellular organisations offer certain tariff plans or services that may only be available for plastic SIM cards and not eSIMs, to encourage the use of specific services or products. And if you are currently using a standard card for communication and you want to connect an Embedded SIM, you need to contact a counsellor to change your tariff;
  • And it happens that mobile companies have partnership agreements with manufacturers of phones, smart gadgets or other operators, which may restrict the use of new technology for phones sold together with certain tariff plans or services. Here you should also ask your carrier for more information.

How to Check if My Phone is Unlocked for eSIM?

In order to make sure your phone is ready to activate the new technology, it’s worth checking if it’s a fact of locked by your mobile operator. How to do it? Let’s see

  1. First action: click on the settings icon on your iOS or Android phone;
  2. Second action: go to the main section where you will find information about your smartphone;
  3. Third action: scroll through this settings block until you reach the Operator Lock option. If you see that the use of eSIM without restrictions, it means eSIM unlocked phone, if the fact of blocking you can indicate, it is necessary to clarify the reason and correct the situation.

Why Should I Unlock My Phone to use eSIM?

  • For travelling: It’s one of the most convenient and cost-effective options for staying in touch. Embedded SIM allows you to bypass roaming, leaving the big financial cost of cellular service on holiday behind you. Why. With the card, you can directly connect to the local operator in the country you’re travelling to and enjoy prices without surcharges.
  • For business: You can connect several phone numbers of different carriers and use several different ones at the same time. You won’t need a phone that supports two SIM cards, MFF2 will accommodate even more in one technology.
  • For life: When updates are released, the mobile operator automatically updates the card’s settings remotely and without your participation, so the card will be able to be constantly updated and use high-speed communication.


The take-home message is “Can you use an eSIM on a locked phone?” – this is often a quick question or problem, which in most cases you can solve by the mobile operator. In order to make sure whether your smartphone is unlocked or locked for eSIM connection use our instructions presented in the article.

Embedded SIM technology will turn your previous idea of cellular communication and make your travelling, business and everyday life more interesting and profitable. Stay on the wave of new technologies in the sphere of cellular communications and stay in touch with your family and friends.

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