The Importance of e-SIM for Travelers

The Importance of e-SIM for Travelers
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Convenience, security and reliability are the three main reasons why travellers choose e-SIM card in travel. And today’s article will cover the importance of the new technology in cellular communications for leisure and business travellers.

Why is it important? Let’s see:

  • Firstly, if only because in the age of rapid development of electronic technologies we all want to stay in touch with each other. We have become accustomed to texting every hour or even more often, updating our social media feeds, and calling family members, colleagues or friends;
  • Secondly, we have actually become more rational about our finances, so we are less and less likely to overpay for mobile phone services. We are trying to save money, and the concept of roaming is becoming more and more ephemeral for residents of big cities and travellers around the world.

These key features have been incorporated into the electronic SIM card. How much do you know about the novelty? Let’s found out.

Phone in Travel

What is an e-SIM card?

Embedded SIM first entered the market of mobile communications about 7 years ago and radically changed the process of using SIM-card capabilities. Advanced developers invented eSIM as an inbuilt mechanism of a particular gadget. This means that most smartphones, smart watches and other devices for work and home have eSIM embedded in their mechanism.

It should also be noted that all management of the new kind of sim card is done online. This means that you will no longer have to stand in traffic jams on your way to an offline cellular salon, you will not need to draw up a large number of documents and personally participate in all the processes. The purchase, setup and activation are done remotely. As a result, the card you can characterise as an invisible SIM card with great functionality and 5G support.

Role of e-SIM in travelling — Why It Is Easier To Travel Between Countries?

What about holidays, business trips or a lifestyle of moving from place to place all the time? If you don’t change anything and still live with a regular SIM card, the cases described above will turn out to be incredibly expensive. After all, everyone knows that roaming costs 1.5 or even 2 times the network in the home region. What to do? And this is where it is worth mentioning the eSIM benefit, which concerns finances.

The golden rule states that when you activate your card, the importance eSIM is that you will be able to use mobile communication at local prices without visiting an offline salon.

What does it mean? That before travelling you will be able to buy a tariff online from the mobile operator of the country you are going to, activate MFF2 and forget about roaming.

e-SIM card — How Does the Card Work?

As we said, when travelling, you can set up a profile of the local network operator providing Embedded SIM services in the country where you are. But how to present the eSIM usage in detail? This you can do through your smartphone app or through your internet service provider. Your phone will then connect to this network using this profile instead of the standard network operator you use in your home region.

When your journey comes to an end, you can delete or disable the downloaded profile and go back to using your primary carrier. Or, if you are travelling in multiple countries, switch to a new operator.

Key Point & eSIM Benefit for Travelling

Key Point & eSIM Benefit for Travelling

The new technology is convenient because it doesn’t require a standard plastic SIM card replacement and makes it easy to change different carriers or set up multiple profiles for each country you visit. And you’ll still enjoy local mobile phone prices with no surcharges.

What other benefits are there? Let’s see:

  • Support for 5G high-speed cellular connectivity. New technology updates quickly and automatically and establishes new capabilities to support high-speed internet. And if a plastic card needed to be replaced to move from 3G to a faster connection, the mobile operator will update all e-SIM settings automatically;
  • A step in the green direction. Electronic SIM, by replacing the plastic SIM, will reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the production of the physical carrier by several times. And this fact has a big impact on the environmental aspect;
  • No network failures. If there are problems on one profile with cellular connectivity, you will be able to easily and quickly switch to another profile to avoid complete network loss. This is very important and convenient when travelling and orienteering.

How to get an e-SIM for Your Holiday or Business Trip?

  1. Firstly, the first thing to do is to make sure your smartphone has the new Embedded SIM technology. The quickest way is to check the settings in the Cellular block on Android and iOS;
  2. Secondly, go to the website of the operator of the country where you are going to travel. By the way, our website provides lists of carriers for every country in the world;
  3. Thirdly, choose a tariff depending on your parameters: family, individual, postpaid or prepaid;
  4. Fourthly, pay online and wait for a QR code with instructions from a representative of the mobile operator. Meanwhile, the process takes a small amount of time and is also detailed and clear.


The take-home message is the importance of eSIM or MFF2 technology: the M2M form factor lies in convenience, financial benefit and security. Because this version of the card with a phone number cannot be lost or stolen. It will always remain on your smartphone or other smart gadget. By the way, Embedded SIM is often part of the functionality of smart watches, navigation equipment and tablets. Set a phone number with a local tariff for the country you are flying to and have a holiday or work with maximum benefit and without roaming.

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