Puerto Rico eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

Puerto Rico eSIM
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Trip to Puerto Rico is chosen by several types of travellers. The first are adventurous travellers. They are people looking for new adventures and unusual experiences. They like to explore unusual places such as caves. And they choose an active lifestyle, for example, jungle excursions. The second type are photographers and artists. They are creative individuals who enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of local colourful landscapes. They yearn to see the masterpieces of architecture and cultural relics offered by Puerto Rico. Then use their inspiration for their artwork.

The third type of tourists are Historians and Culturalises. Those people who are interested in history and culture. They plan to visit a given country to explore its rich cultural heritage, historical sites and traditions. The fourth type, however, are those who are looking for exotic beaches, Instagram locations, adventures in nature and just a break from everyday life. These are primarily people who are ready for discovery and are looking for something more than the usual promoted holiday destinations.

It’s interesting what type you belong to? However, in any case, you should consider a trip to Puerto Rico. Why? Because this country, which often remains in the shadow of the Dominican Republic, holds a real secret and mystery. And it will be particularly fascinating to discover this wild tourism. And especially when you have your favourite smartphone with a fast and advantageous mobile connection at hand.

Puerto Rico

Trip to Puerto Rico — The Weather and Best Time to Travel

Puerto Rico is interesting for its soft climate with high humidity and warm temperatures amongst the year round. However, the main factors to consider when choosing when to travel include the rainy season and hurricane activity.

Puerto Rico’s rainy season typically runs from May to November. During this time, you’re likely to encounter a significant amount of rainfall, especially in June, July and August. However, the rains are usually short-lived, and the sun often comes out afterwards. Incidentally, tropical rains are quite different from the lingering rains of Europe. Therefore, they are unlikely to spoil your trip to Puerto Rico.

The official hurricane season in the Caribbean lasts from the end of May to November, with peak activity in August and September. Although it should be noted that hurricanes are not a frequent occurrence. And the probability of a direct hit to the island is not very high, so you should not worry about it.

The best time to travel to Puerto Rico is generally considered to be from December to April, when the clima is usually the mildest and driest. During this period, you will avoid the thunderstorms and hurricanes that can occur during the summer months.

Puerto Rico city

Puerto Rico Loca Currency

Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, the island uses the US dollar (USD) as the official currency. This means that you won’t have to deal with currency exchange on arrival. Since you can change USD online at your bank or near where you live or work. Look for favourable deals, and change currency wherever you want. The main thing is that you won’t have to exchange again in your trip to Puerto Rico. So, you won’t have to deal with overpayments and middlemen who inflate exchange prices.

Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Mosquito Bay. This is a bay with bioluminescent waters that glow in the dark thanks to microorganisms. It is an amazing phenomenon to see at night by kayak or on a boat tour.
  • The cosy harbour of Ponce. This colonial town is famous for its beautiful plazas, churches and narrow streets. Ponce is also known for its colourful carnivals and festivals.
  • Guanica National Park. This park is located on the south-west coast of the island and offers stunning scenery with karst formations. There are also secluded beaches and interesting underwater worlds for diving and snorkelling.

Some Interesting Facts About Puerto Rico

  • The colourful and memorable name tells us in a straightforward way that Puerto Rico is a rich land. And yes, explorers are still finding large deposits of fossils here. Meanwhile, this archipelago is also famous for its cultural richness. And there is a desire to dive into it time after time;
  • You’ll find a special charm on a trip to Puerto Rico when you discover the famous blue paving stones. Its colour is so bright that it will not leave you indifferent. By the way, Europeans brought this paving stone in the 18th century as ballast. However, the locals found a use for it. And the colour was transformed after a while.
  • Puerto Rico is famous for its delicious cuisine, including such a dish as arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas). You’ll also find great local drinks like pina coladas and mojitos.
  • Puerto Rico is home to the largest collection of different types of rum in the world, each with its own unique flavour and character.

Prices in the country for mobile data plans are more than acceptable thanks to the new eSIM Puerto Rico technology. By the way, are you familiar with this mechanism? If not, read on.

Puerto Rico eSIM

What is Puerto Rico eSIM?

eSIM or Embedded SIM is a new format of cellular communication for travelling, business and the normal course of life. It’s a digital SIM card with a phone number that is often time-limited. So if your smartphone was released less than 6 years ago, chances are the technology is already in your device.

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What are The Benefits of the Puerto Rico eSIM?

  • Firstly, saving money. You don’t have to overpay for roaming charges and the high markups of your major carriers outside your home region. You pay local mobile rates;
  • Secondly, fast activation. As there is no need to visit a telecoms showroom in person, so you will free up time for more enjoyable things to do. You can choose, buy and activate the card online;
  • Thirdly, the coverage area. Depending on the mobile operators, the eSIM for Puerto Rico works perfectly in the archipelago. The coverage area of the high-speed network covers almost the entire territory. You will be able to enjoy high-speed internet without delays in sending sms and media content.

List of Mobile Carriers That Support eSIM Puerto Rico

For your trip to Puerto Rico, there are several mobile operators that support Embedded SIM technology:

  • AT&T provides mobile services and supports MFF2 or eSIM technology in Puerto Rico. The company offers different plans and tariffs for users of different groups.
  • Claro is another major cellular carrier in Puerto Rico that supports eSIM technology. They also offer a wide range of promotional offers on the new technology;
  • T-Mobile is also a popular cellular operator in Puerto Rico and supports e-SIM technology. Here you can find a variety of plans to suit your needs. Order, for example, a fast time plan or a longer tariff.


The take-home message is your trip to Puerto Rico can be one of the most unforgettable if you plan your itinerary correctly. This country has numerous attractions and colourful beauty. The climate is stable and warm, but be aware of the rainy and hurricane seasons. You should prepare yourself that the local food is a delight. Plus they will cook freshly caught fish in front of you.

But you’ll also have the opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends at an affordable price. After all, eSIM Puerto Rico is a new and already popular technology that bypasses roaming and saves you the time and hassle of visiting an operator’s offline showroom in person. You will be able to choose, buy and activate your tariff before your trip to Puerto Rico. Have a wonderful journey!

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