North Macedonia eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

North Macedonia eSIM — Everything You Need to Know
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Where is North Macedonia? This is the question that most people have when they first encounter this tiny European country. By the way, as the statistics of world tourism shows, about 68% of people who travel more than 2 times a year cannot find this country on the world map. And here lurks a history that is preserved by Macedonians, Albanians, Turks and Greeks. North Macedonia is a unique blend of cultural heritage, natural riches and hospitality of the locals. This place is suitable for history and archaeology lovers as well as for lovers of outdoor activities. You will be interested to know that in recent years, North Macedonia has been actively developing tourism, offering new opportunities for recreation and entertainment. This is evidenced by the development of infrastructure, facilities for tourists and events to attract foreign visitors.

However, such a trip to a country rich in historical heritage is not without mobile phones. After all, every step along the ancient streets makes you want to search for information on the internet and read historical facts. Ready to find out where is North Macedonia? And why the country should be on your bucket list? Also, in this article, you will learn about the way to use mobile phones without restrictions and roaming while travelling.

Trip to North Macedonia

Trip to North Macedonia: Weather, Money and Interesting Places

North Macedonia can be found above Greece on the map. This famous tourist country should be a reference point. Also, Northern Macedonia is surrounded by Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bulgaria. This unusual piece of ancient culture lurks between popular tourist destinations. Meanwhile, this country has decided to finally open its doors to tourists and show its riches.

And if you are a fan of travelling, you are fond of historical aspects and culture of the peoples of the world. That North Macedonia will be the place that you will explore unvarnished and unadvertised. There is no developed tourism infrastructure here yet. And so you will be among the first to discover the secret of this country. The first to plan how to visit Macedonia, explore the history and culture and feel the genuine potential.

What is about the weather in Northern Macedonia? Summer is the most popular season to visit because of the warm weather and sunny days, but spring and autumn also offer the advantages of blooming nature and moderate temperatures. Let’s take a look at the weather by season of the year, assuming you already know where is North Macedonia on the map.

The Best Month to Visit North Macedonia

  • Spring (March – May). Spring in North Macedonia is characterised by a gradual increase in temperature. At the beginning of March it is still quite cool, with average temperatures around 10-15°C. After April, temperatures start to rise and by the end of May the average daily temperature is around 20-25°C. Spring is the season when many plants begin to bloom and nature comes to life after winter. The amount of precipitation is minimal for average demi-seasonal weather in Europe.
  • Summer (June – August). Summers in Northern Macedonia are often hot and dry. The average daily temperature in summer is around 25-30°C. However, in July and August it can rise to 30-35°C or more. There is little rainfall during this period and most days are sunny.
  • Autumn (September – November). Autumn in Northern Macedonia is cool and pleasant. In September, temperatures are still quite warm, around 20-25°C. Then gradually decreases towards November, when the average daily temperature drops to 10-15°C. It rains frequently in autumn, especially in October and November.
  • Winter (December – February). Winter in North Macedonia is cool and sometimes snowy. The average daily temperature in winter is around 5-10°C. However, it can be colder, especially in January and February. Snow may fall in the high mountainous areas. There is also precipitation in winter, both rain and snow.

Based on the weather data, June can be singled out as the best month to visit Macedonia. Not many tourists know about this country, so you will not meet crowds of tourists. And the weather is the most comfortable by any measure.

The Best Month to Visit North Macedonia

Local Currency & Where to Change Money in North Macedonia

The official currency of Northern Macedonia is the denar (MKD). In the meantime, be sure to check out information on where to exchange money in North Macedonia.

  1. Bank branches. The most reliable and common way to exchange currency in North Macedonia is to visit a bank. Don’t assume that if you didn’t know where is North Macedonia, it’s a wasteland. Most banks have branches throughout the country, especially in the larger cities. 
  2. Exchange offices. You can also find exchange offices in the towns and tourist areas of North Macedonia. They are often located in the city centre streets. However, be sure to check the exchange rate and commission.
  3. Airports. You can also exchange money at airports in Northern Macedonia, including Skopje Airport. However, exchange rates at airports may be less favourable due to the additional commission.
  4. ATMs. You will also be able to withdraw Macedonian dinars using a Visa or Mastercard bank card at ATMs. These can be found in every city in the country.

3 Wonderful Places to Visit in North Macedonia

  • Ohrid is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Macedonia. Here you will find ancient churches and monasteries. Also, Lake with the same name is known for its beauty and purity.
  • The capital of Northern Macedonia, Skopje, is rich in history and culture. Explore the old town with its fortress and beautiful bridges over the river. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia where you will find ancient artefacts.
  • The Great National Park in the region Rostush region offers magnificent mountain scenery, lakes and rivers. This place is great for active holidays, including skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

Top 5 Interesting Facts about North Macedonia

  1. Northern Macedonia has its own deposits of gold, silver and rubies. Macedonians claim that their rubies, the colour of young blood, are mined in the only mine in the world. 
  2. Meanwhile, the country is home to Carpathian lions, which are considered one of the rarest and most endangered species in the world.
  3. Where is North Macedonia? Where the food is delicious. Be sure to taste the local specialities. By the way, aivar and local meat products are particularly popular.
  4. In North Macedonia, you will come across many stone bridges. Consequently, they are also a unique element of the local architecture. Many of these bridges date back to the Ottoman period and still serve as functional structures. 
  5. Macedonians are a cordial and hospitable people. It is always cheerful and cosy here. You can ask any resident for help, and they will not only help you, but also invite you into their home. 

What is a North Macedonia eSIM

What is a North Macedonia eSIM & Why Do You Need One?

The amazing thing about this country is that modern technology is developing very quickly here. And, of course, the new eSIM mobile phone technology is very popular here. But what is an Embedded SIM, and how is it unique?

  • Firstly, it is the same SIM card that you are used to. The same functionality is here as the standard card you have in your hand right now. However, the new kind of SIM has a lot of advantages for travelling.
  • Secondly, the eSIM Macedonia has no physical plastic backing. Therefore, you don’t need to buy it by visiting an offline mobile phone showroom. If you bought your smartphone after 2018, you’ll be able to find this feature in your phone’s settings.
  • Thirdly, you can remotely select, purchase and activate an Embedded SIM even at home before travelling. That is, when you arrive, you will already have a ready-made SIM card on hand to use.
  • Fourthly, this card will allow you to bypass roaming. When you buy a data plan, you will choose from the local cellular prices.
  • Fifth, you’ll only be able to activate the card for the duration of your trip. The validity of the card varies from 7 days to 30 days, as a rule.

How to buy a North Macedonia eSIM on ESIM-Man?

ESIM-Man app offers eSIMs for 172 different countries and regions, including Myanmar eSIM. This allows you to connect to mobile networks around the world without having to buy local physical SIM cards. A modern and fast interface, a wide range of different data packages and 24/7 online chat support — ESIM-Man has it all. Connect eSIM and travel without borders with us!

ESIM-Man App

6 easy steps to buy an Embedded SIM on our ESIM-Man website:

  1. Go to the home page and register. It won’t take more than 1 minute if you log in via a social network.
  2. Use the line “Find and buy eSIM data plans for your travel and business” to find a map for Northern Macedonia here.
  3. Immediately you will see the available tariff offers. Choose one of the suggested options.
  4. Click on the “Buy Now” button.
  5. You will find yourself in the payment section. Make your purchase and pay for it in an affordable and convenient way.
  6. Wait for purchase confirmation and QR to install eSIM Macedonia on your smartphone. Also, you will receive a detailed instruction along with all the information.


In the end, become the first explorer of the true jewel of Europe – tiny but mysterious Northern Macedonia. This country is just opening its borders to tourism, and here you can still experience the naturalness of nature and culture without the tourist overtones. This country has a rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature, making it an attractive place to visit.

However, the best companion for your comfortable trip to Northern Macedonia will be eSIM. This new cellular communication technology will allow you to enjoy local mobile phone prices. Also, be connected 24/7 without searching for available Wi-Fi spots and worrying that you’ll be out of touch for a long time. And if you don’t know yet where is North Macedonia. Then it is time to discover this country!

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