Montenegro eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

Montenegro eSIM — Everything You Need to Know
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A trip to Montenegro is not only a relaxing holiday while contemplating nature and culture, but also an opportunity to visit mountain villages where new horizons of active holidays open up.

Mountains, the crystal water of the Adriatic Sea and beautiful architecture are the three key features that characterise this country. This cosy and small country holds a real treasure that is available to every tourist. Whether it is a leisurely family holiday, a youthful holiday or a romantic trip for two. A trip in a hire car around Boca-Cotora Bay is worth it. That moment when you drive a small convertible, catch the air waves, inhale the mountain and sea aroma and catch the rays of the sun.

In addition, the inhabitants of a truly mountainous country are among the first to catch the waves of novelties in the field of IT-communications, and it is here that eSIM is gaining popularity. However, let’s talk about everything in order, we are going to Montenegro!

trip to Montenegro

First Impressions of Montenegro

One of the first impressions is Montenegro’s stunning natural scenery. Mountains, picturesque coasts, clear lakes and majestic national parks are striking in their beauty. It is this picture that stays in your memory for a long time, warming you up in cold seasons.

Of course, the hospitality of the locals creates a warm atmosphere for travellers, which enhances the positive impression of the country. It also has some of the tallest people on the planet, as the average height ranges between 182 and 185 cm. The rich historical heritage, including old towns, fortresses and ancient monuments that allow tourists to immerse themselves in the history of the land. Montenegro also attracts tourists with its picturesque beaches and the Adriatic.

Interesting Facts About Montenegro

Interesting Facts About Montenegro

  • Firstly, a tasty fact is that this is where tourists buy prsut the most. In other words, dried meat that locals sell at local markets, where you can also find delicious suluguni cheese. You don’t have to worry about transporting such perishable souvenirs, as each shopkeeper packs the delicacies in vacuum bags;
  • Secondly, it is easy to visit neighbouring countries. Excursion tours to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina are offering on every corner. And here you can also take a ferry to Italy. So you can think of some interesting itineraries for your unforgettable holiday;
  • Thirdly, not far from the resort town of Budva is the famous island of Sveti Stefan. It offers truly luxurious accommodation in the atmosphere of a medieval castle. Hollywood stars are said to have holidayed here. And even Leonardo di Caprio;
  • Fourthly, it is convenient to travel here by rented car, as you can drive around the whole country from the mountains to the sea coast in a small amount of time.

The Best Places to Visit in Montenegro?

Presents our personal top 3 places to visit in the hill country:

  1. Kotor – the architecture here is incredibly beautiful and feels atmospheric and even somewhat mystical. It’s also worth a visit to the local harbour, where white sailing boats are always colourful;
  2. Budva is for lovers of a measured holiday. In the city limits you can find wild free beaches, where you can find privacy, pine flavour, which together with the sea flavour will create an unexpected duet;
  3. Herceg Novi is the final point of the route through the Bay of Kotor. The so-called city of millionaires. Your eyes will be captured by numerous yachts and unique ships. You can say that here you will feel like a hero of an adventure novel.

eSIM in Montenegro — What You Need to Know?

Montenegro eSIM has become a real breakthrough in cellular communications and is in great demand among locals and travellers. What is this new technology? Let’s found out.

eSIM in Montenegro — What You Need to Know?

This SIM card can be described in these words: invisible, favourable and easy. Are you wondering why? Read below:

  • Invisible. This MFF2 format you cannot see even with an armed eye, as the mechanism forms part of a smart phone or other new generation device. It cannot be removed or conversely implemented without professional intervention;
  • Profitable. Allows tourists to use local prices for mobile communication without roaming and other overpayments. This online service allows you to buy and activate a new generation SIM card from a Montenegrin operator from home;
  • Lightweight. Minimal in size, thanks to which new smartphones have become much more powerful. Embedded SIM has freed up space to increase the power of the device.

List of eSIM Providers in Montenegro

Three most popular mobile operators with Embedded SIM support:

  1. Crnogorski Telekom. One of the main telecom operators in Montenegro, which provides e-SIM services. The company offers a wide range of tariffs, among which every tourist will be able to find the right format in terms of price and services;
  2. Telenor Montenegro. Another of the major operators in the country, which also supports electronic SIM technology. Here you can find favourable offers and promotions for the new card. As the technology is being popularised, each company is trying to make affordable offers;
  3. M:tel. The third of the main operators, which also provides eSIM services in Montenegro. It is favoured by tourists with different wallets.


In total, travelling to Montenegro is beautiful, delicious and relaxing. Be sure to visit the old towns and local cultural and artistic attractions that will transport you back to medieval times. It doesn’t matter how or with whom you fly to travel to this mountainous country, because either way you will enjoy your tour. After all, there is a place for every category of travellers. And to stay in touch in another country, choose an eSIM or Embedded SIM, which is popular in Montenegro among natives and visiting young and adult travellers.

The new format allows you to travel without roaming and overpayments, includes multiple profiles for phone numbers for personal and business purposes, and ensures data privacy.

sonal and business purposes, and ensures data privacy.

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