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Japan is a country of technology and innovative products in the field of devices and mobile communications. There are currently around 120 million active users of phones, tablets and SIM card-enabled gadgets, which accounts for 90% of the country’s total population. The figure is truly gigantic and the Japanese themselves claim to be one of the most progressive nations in terms of the use of mobile phones in everyday life. When planning a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun it is well worth considering how you can use your mobile phone, SMS and data plan, as well as what is an eSIM card and what services Japanese carriers offer.

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Trip to Japan — Innovation as a Way of Life

It’s interesting that the Japanese are workaholics, which is why the first commercial robot appeared here on the cusp of 2000. It was based on a puppy that could walk, see its surroundings with built-in cameras, and interact with people in all sorts of ways. Years later, it made great strides not only in robotics but also in cellular communications, phone models and gadgets.

Trip to Japan

Are you ready to learn interesting facts about Japan? Let’s start:

  • First of all, the first waterproof phone was the Casio Canu 502S, which became available to buy in 2005. And in 2010 Motorola launched the first water-resistant smartphone. In Japan, people are so addictive to social media that they take their smartphones with them even into the shower and bathroom, so this aspect is particularly relevant not only for residents but for all of us, because sometimes we wouldn’t mind spending time with a smartphone in the bathroom;
  • Secondly, with tight schedules, many Japanese have no time for dating, so they prefer to meet each other in video chats. Electronics manufacturers are always trying to diversify people’s communication. They even unveiled a device that allows people to kiss from a distance;
  • Third, approximately 700,000 people work in device development, and electronics are almost everywhere in major Japanese cities.

Japan street

How Japan eSIM Can Make Your Travel Profitable & Convenient

As a country of development of modern technology, it is no surprise that the Japanese have become active users of MFF2 technology: the M2M form factor. However, what does this concept encompass? The eSIM Japan is primarily an innovative product in the cellular technology market, representing a scaled-down version of the internationally recognised SIM. It is an embedded chip in the ‘brains’ of the phone, which allows a lot of space to be freed up for the implementation of new technological components in the phone.

How Japan eSIM Can Make Your Travel Profitable & Convenient

In simple terms, it is the smallest version of the usual SIM card, with many advantages:

  • Fits on almost all phones, tablets and smart watches of today’s models, allowing you to activate the e-SIM function whenever it suits you;
  • Eliminates the need to visit an offline call centre and allows you to activate local tariffs of any country in a matter of minutes, regardless of your location;
  • Offers a wide range of advantageous eSIM for Japan tariffs as well as for any destination you intend to travel to;
  • Minimizes the laboriousness of activation: after purchasing the tariff on the website of the mobile operator, it takes a few minutes to start the process of Embedded SIM, as you will only need to scan the QR code sent by the representative, and complete the settings;
  • Allows you to feel safe while travelling in Japan or any other country as it is impossible to lose this SIM and your data is always secure.

3 Best Japan eSIM Providers in 2024

  1. ESIM-Man is one of the new platforms that offers to get digital cards in 176 different regions and countries, including Japan eSIM. A wide selection of different operators and GBs allows you to find the most favorable option for your trip. In addition, the user-friendly interface allows you to activate your eSIM in a couple of minutes and provides flexible options for your data plan.
  2. Rakuten Mobile is a Japanese MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that offers virtual SIM card services for compatible devices. You will be able to find an eSIM for Japan with this operator, as there is a wide range of plans for different purposes.
  3. UQ mobile is one of the oldest providers. Pricing varies depending on the specific plan and features, but their eSIM plans are generally considered competitive compared to other mobile carriers in Japan. Also, the platform offers various discounts and promotions for new customers or those who subscribe to certain plans or services.


The take-home message is that when travelling to Japan, remember that it’s a highly developed and technologically advanced country. There is a huge market for smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other gadgets, as well as a wide range of eSIM plans at great deals. You can stay in touch by activating an eSIM card from one of Japan’s mobile phone operators and enjoy travelling in this colourful and fascinating Land of the Rising Sun.

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