How to Transfer eSIM from one iPhone to Another

Transfer eSIM from one iPhone to Another
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After purchasing a new iOS gadget, many can face a need to remove an electronic chip to a fresh device. If everything is clear with physical SIMs, then difficulties may arise when you transfer eSIM module.

Electronic technology first appeared in the iPhone XR and Xs; since then, it has become one of the most indispensable. This is convenient for the users as from now on, smartphones do not need a second physical SIM card, thanks to which precious space appears in the iPhone case, which developers use wisely. Besides, you can transfer eSIMs and physical modules from one Apple gadget to another one — this possibility, it turns out, is in iOS 16. However, you can do this even if you don’t plan to upgrade to a new version of iOS in the future. Read the article to figure out how to transfer eSIM from one iphone to another.

Why You May Need to Transfer eSIM — Common Reasons

Electronic SIM is a digital module for cellular connection that allows you to activate your carrier’s data plan without using a physical SIM card. Users can install multiple eSIM profiles on iPhones with eSIM chip support. You can subscribe to several cellular data plans if the iPhone is unlocked.

Why You May Need to Transfer eSIM

The transfer of digital mobile chips to new iOS devices occurs for several reasons:

  • You have bought a new Apple device and want to keep a valid eSIM card with all your contacts to continue using the given number.
  • You have two active eSIM cards and want to transfer eSIM to a new Apple device.
  • You do not want to delete the data of your electronic module from the old iPhone, as they are valuable to you. Therefore, you need to save your electronic card on your new phone.

How to remove eSIM from an iPhone?

Although this SIM card is electronic, the first necessary action when replacing the device with a new one is removing the eSIM. Of course, this procedure is virtual since the eSIM itself is a chip, and the technology, in principle, does not provide for its extraction from the device. Special software profiles are created to work with eSIM. When you add a new number to your smartphone, this profile is installed, and when you extract the number, the profile is simply deleted.

How To Transfer eSIM — Detailed Instruction

We can no longer imagine our everyday lives without telecom technologies. They are developing rapidly, offering us more and more communication options. One of the results of such progress was the creation of eSIM. This SIM module has many more advantages than a regular physical one. Moreover, today you can buy eSIM on relatively favorable terms for yourself.

If you want to use eSIM technology, then at the initial stage, you may have problems as eSIM transfer not working on a new phone. Everything works differently here than with a regular SIM card. If you are performing these actions for the first time, you may have some issues. However, you can solve all of them quickly enough.

Transferring an electronic module from one iOS gadget to another became possible not so long ago. Previously, the user did not need to apply for a new card from a telecom operator to do this.

How To Transfer eSIM

Basic Requirements

To date, eSIM wireless transmission is a brand new function that allows us to continue using phone numbers on new iPhones without having to deal with carrier-native utilities, customer support staff, etc. Apple informs that to move eSIM from one phone to another Apple gadget, some particular conditions must be taken into account:

  • Your old and fresh iOS devices should be within Bluetooth option range.
  • Both gadgets must be unlocked.
  • Both smartphones must be running iOS 16.
  • Bluetooth function must be enabled on e devices.

If that’s the case and your gadgets meet the requirements, you can start transferring a digital module. Instructions for transferring eSIM to a new iPhone from an old one are as follows:

  1. On a new phone, you must go to “Settings” and “Cellular communication.” This will seem like an eSIM chip to you.
  2. Then, click on the available cellular data plan, and confirm your moves by tapping on the bottom of the home screen.
  3. Next, pay attention to your old iOS device. It will display a request to confirm the transfer. You should click the appropriate button.
  4. To perform the check, call your new phone. You can always contact the operator if something is wrong to receive support.

It’s pretty simple if you figure out how to transfer eSIM from one iphone to another. However, if you suddenly do not work out, this is not a reason to get upset. You can always ask for help from specialists and telecom carriers. They will provide you with expert advice. So you will get help quickly.

How to remove electronic SIM using a unique QR code?

Typically, carriers provide quick response codes on paper. But there are two options as well. Given code can be either disposable or reusable. The operator reports a particular type when the eSIM is initially issued to you.

If you have a one-time code with a digital sim card profile, then it is evident that you have already used it earlier on another device, and the transfer eSIM to new phone procedure will fail. You must go to the operator’s telecom salon and claim a fresh code there (some modern carriers do this remotely). Remember that not all mobile salons have the right to provide it, so it’s better to first check with the support service which store you can apply to for a new electronic module.

You already have everything you need if you have a reusable QR cipher with an eSIM profile. The transfer of the eSIM number is carried out by scanning the given code from the mobile operator. Users do not need mobile carrier’s assistance for that. To add an electronic cellular number to a new iOS device, perform the following steps:

  1. Head to the “Settings” tab and pick “Cellular”.
  2. Tap the “Add Cellular tariff” button.
  3. Point the phone camera at the QR code, scan it, and follow the instructions on a mobile screen.

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