How to Transfer eSIM from one Android to Another

How to Transfer eSIM from one Android to Another
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In the world of technological innovation, buying a new phone is an exciting event. How often do you change your device? Studies show that one group of people prefer to use their phone for longer as they get used to the device, while other members of the group tend to always be on the cutting edge of technology and change devices more often. However, on average, the average urban dweller changes smartphones every 2-3 years. And after purchase, there is often a question of number portability to this new device. In the case of a regular SIM card, the procedure seems familiar, but in a gadget with Embedded SIM there may be some difficulties. Electronic carriers of telephone data differ in the peculiarities of activation and configuration, which can cause some difficulties that are worth knowing about in advance. How to transfer eSIM? Let’s find out.

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What is an e-SIM?

With an ordinary card everything is quite simple and clear. Initially, you open the slot, remove the SIM card, then insert a new chip, and it’s done. By the way, there may be only one problem here – the size of the card, because in the old phone you may have one size, and in the new one it is already almost 2 times smaller. Therefore, we recommend to clarify such issues in advance and change the card in a mobile phone shop immediately when you buy a smartphone.

And what is the electronic version of SIM? MFF2 technology: the M2M form factor is a new format of the carrier of the phone number and network settings. It has no weight and size, because such SIM cannot be taken out of the smartphone, it has a different structure of being built into the phone and can be configured over the network or online. And the question about eSIM transfer arises almost every second owner of a new generation phone. Since many do not know how to reconfigure Embedded SIM. Are you ready to figure it out? 

7 Situations When You Should Transfer your eSIM

The necessity to port your MFF2 may vary depending on your situation. In the meantime, it is a convenient solution to retain access to your number and data when you change gadgets.

7 Situations When You Should Transfer your eSIM

What situations prompt me to alter my card? Let’s see:

  1. Buying a new device. When you buy a new gadget, you’ll likely want to keep your current number and data on your new device. Since your phone number is known by all your friends and family members;
  2. Loss or breakage of your phone. If you lose or break your current smartphone, carrying the electronic version of your card to a new device can help you quickly regain access to your number;
  3. Upgrading your device. When you decide to upgrade to a newer model, transferring the e-chip data will allow you to preserve your number without having to change your contacts and settings;
  4. Going on holiday or business trips. Transfer eSIM from one phone to another can be relevant when moving or temporary business trips, when you want to use a local tariff to save on roaming charges;
  5. Using multiple IT accessories. If you have several devices, for example, a smartphone and a tablet or a smart watch, MFF2 portability will allow you to use the same number on all gadgets;
  6. Betting in favour of the new operator. When changing mobile operators, users often want to port their number from their e-SIM to the new setup;
  7. Renewal. Carrying your phone data can also be part of a renewal strategy, allowing you to quickly restore your number when unexpected events occur.

What is Necessity to Transfer eSIM to New Phone: don’t forget to assure the QR code

To successfully carry-over an Embedded SIM from one phone to another you have to:

  • Access to both your old and new device. This can be realised through access to settings and the ability to enter data;
  • Both gadgets must have entree to the internet to complete the process;
  • To port your number you have to enter your details such as name, address, phone number and possibly other additional information depending on the requirements of your mobile company;
  • You should to assure if there is a QR-code or special activation data that will allow you to link the new card to your new device;
  • Meanwhile, both gadgets should have sufficient battery power.

Also, before you start the process, make sure you renewal important data such as contacts, messages and other app information that may be associated with your phone data.

Guide to Transfer eSIM on Android

Activation eSIM through settings:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your novelty and find the section with network connections or the block related to network settings;
  2. Pick out the row with mobile network. Inside the block, find the option to manage mobile networks or SIM cards;
  3. Complement a SIM. You should to click on the option and if your device supports MFF2, you will see the row;
  4. Scan encrypted data from your mobile operator. Use your gadget’s camera to scan;
  5. You will also likely have to enter additional details, such as your name and address, to blast off the e-SIM;
  6. Follow the on-screen guide to confirm the carrying process and complete it.

How do I activate eSIM on the other Phone?

The instructions are very similar to the one above. Because one way or another, all the items on Android-based sim card add-on smartphone gadgets, smartwatches, tablets, are similar:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your novelty;
  2. In the top block, search for the option related to cellular or cellular data;
  3. Choose “Add a plan or network”;
  4. Find the Add e-SIM feature: If your novelty supports e-SIM, which is all models after 2016, you’ll see this option right away;
  5. Search for the code your mobile carrier has given you and point your gadget’s camera to scan the QR;
  6. There are times when you will have to enter additional details such as your name and address to activate the Embedded SIM. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the carry-over process and complete it.

Alternatively: using your operator’s app

  1. Load the app of the operator that provides you with MFF2 technology: the M2M form factor;
  2. Go to the app and log in using your mobile account credentials;
  3. In the app, search for the option related to eSIM or complementing a new SIM card;
  4. Follow the activation instructions, which differ depending on the operator.


The take-home message is carrying an Embedded SIM from one gadget to another can be quite simple if you know the basic steps and guides we have provided above in the article. This procedure allows you to preserve your phone number and data when you renew gadgets or upgrade. It is important to follow the notes of your gadget’s operator and manufacturer to successfully carry-over the information, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and usability of your novelty.

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