How to Avoid Roaming Charges while Traveling

How to Avoid Roaming Charges while Traveling
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Avid travelers know that before going on a trip to another country, it is crucial to be aware of suitable mobile tariffs to stay in touch when traveling: make calls, do online searches, etc. Even if you need a vacation to get a piece of mind, take a break from business and turn off your gadgets for at least 5-7 days, you may need mobile Internet abroad for entertainment purposes, like calling a driver, making a route, finding a restaurant, contacting friends, and more.

Some make mistakes and keep the basic home tariff and then receive enormous bills for mobile communication upon arrival home. And what should be done in this case, how to avoid roaming charges? Choose suitable mobile options, such as electronic SIM cards, and stay in touch when traveling with minimal spending.

How to Avoid Roaming Charges while Traveling

The roaming fee killer — What is a digital SIM (eSIM)?

In the last couple of years, such a word as “eSIM” has firmly entered the everyday lexicon, but not everyone knows what it is. Nothing is complicated, and everything works even more accessible than with a regular card.

ESIM is a unique cellular chip embedded in a smartphone at the stage of its production. Thus, esim for travel modules are in gadgets initially and cannot be damaged or lost. Such a mobile module is located inside devices and can also be used for tablets and smartwatches.

Basic features of eSIMs

The main thing is that devices must support eSIM technology. If your gadget supports an electronic format, it is not difficult to connect such a module. You just need to scan the QR code a carrier generated and sent to you.

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This technological solution allows you to get a new number or transfer an existing one without visiting the physical operator’s office. Thanks to the given feature, users can change cellular carriers anytime.

Electronic SIM are pretty roomy, as they can simultaneously store data from several operators. As a result, customers can use at least two numbers simultaneously, even if a device has only one SIM card slot. Many travelers have already appreciated this eSIM option. Now you can save a home number in your mobile phone to continue receiving SMS and calls, and at the same time, use a local phone number.

Basic features of eSIMs

Pros of electronic SIM cards for travelers

Here are a few advantages you get if connecting eSIM while traveling to another country avoiding travel roaming fees:

  • Remote setup. Before traveling, you can choose the most suitable сarrier with favorable conditions (local or international) and activate your eSIM number online;
  • Convenience. If you choose designs, one number will operate in several countries simultaneously;
  • Saving time. Use online traffic as soon as your plane lands! Forget where to purchase a local SIM chip, how to pay for it, etc;
  • Accessibility. When you pick a mobile plan from your home operator, this is easier to get current terms and conditions than the tariffs of a foreign carrier in land-based offices and in a foreign language;
  • Cost savings. An eSIM for travel is usually issued free of charge, and offices in other countries are often asked to pay extra for plastic chips.

How to connect eSIM to avoid roaming fees?

Modern eSIM carriers offer a wide range of plans for different regions worldwide. Thus, it will not be a challenging task to pick a good offer for a trip. The built-in cellular module is a unique technology that is not tied to physical cards. That is why you can easily reconfigure your smartphone to work with any carrier without contacting specialists.

Is data roaming expensive and will you pay high bills when choosing common cellular roaming offers? The answer is yes, and that is why you should find an appropriate alternative.

Most virtual modules support multiple packages, so you can switch between several operators and plans, taking the one most beneficial for your particular needs. Before traveling, you can purchase a tariff explicitly designed for the country of visit and activate it after arrival by setting the active status.

eSIMS connection

Before connecting to eSIM, choose a suitable device that supports the electronic format. The choice is not difficult since there are not so many such gadgets yet. So, if you wish to avoid roaming fees but still don’t understand whether your device supports electronic modules or not, find out from your carrier. You can do it in the telecom salons or by searching on the official websites of mobile companies.

eSIMS connection

The eSIM connection procedure takes place in a few simple steps:

  1. Make sure your mobile phone works with eSIM. 
  2. Head to “Settings” and run “Connections.”
  3. Open the “SIM Card Manager” and find the item “Adding a mobile tariff plan” in the menu there.
  4. Next, tap the “Add a mobile data plan” line.
  5. After that, pick the “Adding via QR Code” or “Adding via Activation code” buttons.  
  6. Follow the current guide on your mobile screen.
  7. An EID code may also be required to activate an electronic chip for your device. You can find it here: “Cellular Settings” → “Mobile Phone Info” → “Valid Status” → “EID.”

It is not uncommon for an embedded module to become the second card in the phone, acting along with the physical one. There are no obstacles to this, just configure particular options to your liking: calls, SMS, and data transmission.


An electronic embedded chip is a convenient and inexpensive solution for connecting to the Internet when traveling abroad, eliminating the hassle of purchasing a physical chip. You don’t have to buy a new plastic card and put it in place of your own – it will be enough to buy a traffic package through the carrier’s application.

So, how to avoid roaming charges then? Choose eSIM cards which provide simple, convenient, and reliable access to mobile calls and internet services without headaches and huge roaming bills!

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