French eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

French eSIM — Everything You Need to Know
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The world is so amazing and full of discoveries that it is impossible to stop learning new corners of this planet and discovering the history of countries. That is why every year the number of travellers and those who choose active tourism is growing.

There is also a growing number of those tourists who visit several countries in one trip, and they do not buy a tour or a ready-made plan for exploring the area, but choose independent planning. And this is absolutely impossible without the use of mobile communication, as it is difficult to quickly navigate without navigation in your phone, to be in touch with family, friends and colleagues, without forgetting about holidays and birthdays. Without a smartphone with a quality connection, it’s hard to even dine out for a tasty and inexpensive meal, because you won’t be able to see ratings and reviews on an online map. And it’s hard to imagine travelling around France without a phone with a french eSIM. Let’s take a glimpse of the country, shall we?

travel to france

Travel to France — Interesting Facts about the Country

We all know about the main attractions of one of the most romantic countries in the world, we’ve read a lot about French culture, and of course we follow Parisian fashion every year. But what about some really fascinating information that includes interesting facts about France? Let’s get started.

So, here we should start with gastronomy. A gastronomic tour to this country is an unforgettable journey for those who appreciate fine cuisine, great wines and unique experiences. France is famous for its culinary heritage, and each region of the country offers its own unique dishes and products.

Interesting Facts about France

Some tasty facts of the main regions of France:

  • Paris is known for its fine dining restaurants. Here you should try classic dishes such as croissants, oysters and chocolate mousse;
  • However, Lyon is the true culinary capital. Here, you can’t miss Lyonnais, which is a dish of beef liver fried with onions and salt. Meanwhile, it is a true gastronomic delicacy of the region and a must-try for meat lovers;
  • Bordeaux is a dream for wine connoisseurs. Here it is interesting to go on wine tours to the neighbouring vineyards and taste a variety of wines;
  • Normandy, on the other hand, is famous for its cheeses, including camembert and apple cider. In Alsace, you can try flambe tarts and some of the most delicious desserts on our planet.

The Eiffel Tower Changes Height & The French Switch to eSIMs

Did you know that in cold weather, the metal of the Eiffel Tower shrinks and it becomes shorter by a few inches. This happens due to the thermal expansion of the metal. And that eSIM in France is becoming a record-breaker in terms of popularity?

Yes, it is true, because people in France value time and quality, so they have started to choose a new format of cellular communication, betting on 5G high-speed internet, buying a sim card online, and moving away from the paper-based standardisation of the buying and selling relationship between the cellular company and the customer. Incidentally, even more relevant in France is travelling with an e-card, as it allows you to connect many phone numbers at local prices from most countries. That is, if you choose to tour Europe, it will be possible to activate a different SIM card for each location. Ready to familiarise yourself with the technology?

Why eSIM in France is the Best Solution?

MFF2 technology: the M2M form factor (eSIM) is a new format of cellular communication without the use of a physical SIM card. That is, you don’t need to buy a plastic chip to use an e-SIM. This communication format involves an inbuilt mechanism that is already in your phone if the model release date is 2016 or later.

Digital SIM is a mechanism to connect the phone number of any global mobile operator online and without surcharges, at local communication rates. And, of course, this directly applies to the eSIM for France, which can be connected during the planning phase of your trip and only activated on arrival. What other advantages are there? Let’s found out.

Why eSIM in France is the Best Solution

Benefits of using eSIM for France and beyond:

  • You can create about 10 active accounts by phone number and use them one by one when travelling in Europe. This will not involve any overpayments and risks, but will allow you to avoid roaming and save money;
  • You will be calm for the safety of your personal data, because with Embedded SIM it is impossible to lose the physical carrier, as well as to steal it, so such a card will always be inseparable from the phone;
  • Then support for high-speed 5G connectivity, which will allow you to send inspiring photos and upload videos in seconds;
  • The rejection of plastic, which will have a favourable impact on the environmental problem of the 21st century;
  • And, of course, the financial benefit, as there will be no need for roaming and large overpayments for phone long conversations with loved ones. All services and at local prices.

Top 5 eSIM providers for France

Today, many companies provide eSIM services in France, so making the right choice can be a challenge.

List of mobile network operators with eSIM support in France:

  1. Google Fi. The provider provides eSIM-enabled mobile services and allows you to use its tariff plan in many countries, including France;
  2. Truphone. This is an international mobile operator that also supports the new technology and provides tariffs for traveling in France;
  3. Ubigi. This is an international service provided by Transatel. They offer tariffs for traveling in many countries including the land of croissants and fashion;
  4. Airalo. This is a service that provides access to many e-SIM tariff plans in different countries, including France. You will be able to choose the right tariff before traveling;
  5. Orange. One of the largest mobile network operators in the regions of France, providing services for tourists and international visitors;


In total, the use of the new technology in French regions is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient way for travellers and locals to connect to mobile communications. As one of the world’s leading countries in tourism and technology, France is actively adopting eSIM and providing a variety of tariff plans for those seeking convenience and flexibility in connectivity.

Travellers can easily access local tariffs and enjoy internet and mobile connectivity without the need for physical SIM cards. These services can be provided by both local French operators and international Embedded SIM services, making them available to visitors from all over the world. However, before choosing a data plan for France, it is important to do research and compare the offers of different providers, paying attention to cost, coverage and available services, a list of which is presented in the article.

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