eSIM in Ghana — Everything You Need to Know

eSIM in Ghana — Everything You Need to Know
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What do you always take with you when travelling? Research shows that the must-have list of things to take on a trip includes passport, visas and other necessary documents for border crossings and hotel check-in. In second place are cash, credit and debit cards. Then documents and contact information for health insurance are ticked off. And if we touched on medicine, then, of course, in the travelling first aid kit we check basic medical supplies, pain medication, antipyretics, dressings. Personal items: toothbrush, clothes, cosmetics. However, what else is there? Of course, a smartphone and a charging cable, because it is already difficult to imagine a modern person without this gadget.

But why do you need a smartphone when travelling? This device allows you to quickly navigate the terrain: download maps, routes and read reviews. Also to book hotels and post photos to social networks, because when travelling we all become a bit of bloggers. And all these reasons are impossible without mobile internet, which you always want to use at a favourable rate and without roaming. But what about travelling to the west of Africa? Have you heard of the Ghana eSIM card?

Travel to Ghana

Amazing Ghana — a Paradise Place without Tourists

It is not for nothing that this article is about discovering a new undiscovered corner of our planet, as it is interesting to explore areas that are still in their original state. Ghana, on the west coast of the African continent, is one such place.

Ghana is not famous for safaris, as the neighbouring countries of Africa. It is just beginning to invite tourists to discover its uniqueness. It is sparsely populated, with a natural and distinctive culture and nature. Would you like to know more about the hot country?

interesting facts about Ghana

Here is some interesting facts about Ghana:

  • Firstly, Ghana is known for its rich culture and arts. You can see traditional rituals and festivals, visit craft workshops and buy local art products;
  • Secondly, there are many beautiful natural places including beaches, national parks and nature reserves. The country’s largest national park is famous for
  • its views of wildlife and African fauna;
  • Thirdly, Ghanaian cuisine is rich in flavours and aromas. You should try local specialities such as jollof rice, fufu, and a variety of seafood;
  • Fourthly, Ghana is one of the largest cocoa producers in the world. Here, you can visit cocoa plantations and learn about the chocolate production process;
  • Fifth, the locals – Ghanaians are known for their hospitality and friendliness.

Does eSIM work in Ghana?

A real breakthrough in cellular and mobile communication is the eSIM, which is a new format of the familiar SIM card. What is the newness of it? Let’s see:

  • The eSIM does not have a plastic card. It cannot be taken out or inserted into your phone or lost. Therefore, no one can steal your phone number and your contact information.
  • Security of use. The card is completely virtual and has a high level of protection against data leakage, we talked in more detail about whether eSIM is safe in the last article;
  • eSIM saves you time. You don’t need to visit an offline cell phone showroom to connect this technology. All setup and activation is done online through a website or application.
  • Ease of use. All you need is to choose a suitable mobile operator and tariff. Then make a purchase and scan your QR code, which will be provided by the provider of the cellular company.

It is easy, simple and affordable, so of course tourists widely use eSIM in West Africa. But what is notable about eSIM in Ghana? Let’s find out.

eSIM in Ghana

What does eSIM and Ghana have in common?

  • Tourists travelling to Ghana can easily activate local tariffs with an eSIM. This saves on roaming charges and allows them to access local communication services at more favourable rates;
  • If travellers plan to travel outside Ghana, the eSIM also provides roaming convenience by allowing them to quickly connect to local networks or select roaming packages;
  • As the eSIM is stored inside the device, there is no risk of losing or damaging the physical SIM, which is especially useful for those who enjoy outdoor activities;
  • Ghana eSIM activation may be easier for travellers who do not speak the local language, as many operators provide information and instructions in English.

List of eSIM Providers in Ghana

  • MTN Ghana. MTN is one of the largest mobile operators in Ghana. The company provides communication services including MFF2. MTN Ghana was founded in 1994 and has since become one of the largest mobile operators in the country. It is part of the MTN Group, an international telecommunications company with a presence in several African countries and other regions;
  • Vodafone-Ghana. This is another major mobile operator in Ghana with a wide range of tariffs. The organisation provides mobile phone services throughout Ghana and their network covers most of the country. They offer both prepaid and contract tariff plans;
  • AirtelTigo. This operator was the result of the merger of Airtel and Tigo in Ghana. You can opt for promotional offers here. The company provides a wide range of services, including voice communication, mobile internet, mobile payment services and many additional services such as mobile banking;
  • Glo Mobile Ghana. Glo is another mobile operator in Ghana that offers e-SIMs at a bargain. Like many mobile operators, Glo Mobile Ghana offers a variety of tariff plans to its customers. This includes prepaid and contract options as well as special offers and promotions.


Ghana is an extremely interesting and as yet undiscovered destination by throngs of tourists. It offers both isolated beautiful places as well as cultural attractions. Before travelling to Ghana, we recommend contacting local operators or checking their official websites for up-to-date information on eSIM availability and activation procedure. 

As Embedded SIM is the best companion when travelling in West Africa. As it is easy and simple, it will allow you to stay in touch with friends and family at favourable prices. You’ll be able to share photos and videos with fast upload speeds and enjoy travelling with great navigation.

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