Bahamas eSIM — Everything You Need to Know

Bahamas eSIM — Everything You Need to Know
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Why choose a trip to Bahamas? If only because this archipelago represents the balance of three important elements of a perfect holiday. And these components consist relaxation and spa, water sports and exotic nature. Because this is where you can visit the enchanting pink beaches. And you certainly won’t be left without unique holiday photos. By the way, did you know that you can now post photos and videos to messengers and social networks with fast upload speeds? Also, paying a small amount of money for these services. And you no longer have to worry about roaming in the islands. Isn’t it a fairy tale? Yes, high-speed and affordable mobile phone service on virtually uninhabited islands is a real gift. After all, it’s not just posting stories and reels that take up our traffic when travelling.

And with the help of online services you can choose a place for dinner according to reviews. Download an audio or text guide about the historical value of the archipelago. And also to work on the net when needed, and to take care of ordering groceries on arrival. What will make cellular connectivity affordable during a trip to Bahamas? Let’s find out the detailed answer with the code abbreviation eSIM.

Trip to Bahamas

Bahamas Weather: 300 Clear Days & 65 Days of Tropical Humidity

Depending on the season and weather conditions, the number of sunny days can vary. Overall, however, the Bahamas is known for its radiant and warm days. Also, this makes them a great place for beach holidays and active sports.

For example, the Bahamas’ dry season begins in spring, the sun is brighter and the amount of rain decreases. Average daytime temperatures: 25-27°C. Nighttime temperatures: 18-21°C.

You can characterize summer for a trip to Bahamas by hot temperatures and high humidity. It is also a time when brief showers are possible. Average daytime temperatures: 30-32°C. Night temperatures: 23-26°C.

In autumn, the rainy season begins and the likelihood of hurricanes and tropical storms increases. Temperatures remain high. Meanwhile, humidity can be slightly lower compared to summer. Average daytime temperatures: 28-30°C. Night temperatures: 22-25°C.

In winter, the rainy season ends and the islands often experience sunny and warm days. Average daytime temperatures: 25-27°C. Night temperatures: 18-21°C.

When is The Best Time for a Trip to Bahamas?

Based on the parameters of the high tourist season, weather conditions and prices, the best time to visit the Bahamas is during the winter and spring months. During this time, the weather is stable, temperatures are comfortable, and there is little chance of rain. However, if you prefer a more relaxed vacation and are willing to take a chance with the weather conditions, you can travel to this paradise destination at other times as well. It’s worth noting that tropical rain is much more pleasant and transient than European rain. The summer and fall months can also be a good time to travel.

Places to Visit in the Bahamas
Places to Visit in the Bahamas

3 Places to Visit in the Bahamas

  • Pig Beach. An island with wild pigs that even swim in the sea. This is the one location that is often featured on travel blogs.
  • Pink beaches. Legendary pink sands that are impossible to forget. This shade is ephemeral and is achieved by many tiny crustaceans.
  • Aquarium of the Bahamas National Wildlife Refuge. You can dive into the underwater world of the Bahamas and see a wide variety of marine life.

5 Interesting Facts about Bahamas

  • In 1977, snow was observed here for the only time in recent memory by the locals. Soft snowflakes circled over the islands. Of course, the frosty patterns did not reach the ground and melted. However, the fact of snowfall was recorded.
  • Despite the fact that people live here only on three dozen islands out of about seven hundred. The population is very advanced. The percentage of those who are Bahamas eSIM holders is extremely high here. Also, those who use mobile internet on a daily basis.
  • Here is a world location for divers. And many people go here to visit the most beautiful underwater spot.
  • Not so long ago there were real pirates living here. And you’ll be able to book a tour of the sea robbery sites.
  • In your trip to Bahamas you should definitely try hangover soup. This is a traditional Bahamian dish made of potatoes, bacon, onions and other vegetables. A lot of people often eat it for breakfast as a hangover cure.

Currency and What Souvenirs Can You Bring Back From The Bahamas?

The official currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar (BSD). However, US dollars are also accepted in most places. And they are often used by tourists.

When it comes to gifts, there are a number of unique souvenirs and gifts you can bring back from the Bahamas. Plus, they also usually reflect the local culture and beauty of the islands. Here are some ideas for a trip to Bahamas:

  • Shell and coral souvenirs. The Bahamas is famous for its beautiful beaches and rich marine life. Grab your friends and family bracelets, necklaces or shell coasters.
  • Local handicrafts. Visit local markets and shops to buy handicrafts and souvenirs. For example, pottery, fabrics, handicrafts made from reeds or wood.
  • Photos and postcards. Capture the beauty of the Bahamas with photos and postcards to give as memories of your trip. And with an eSIM Bahamas, you can share picturesque photos in chat rooms at a bargain mobile rate.

Why is eSIM for Bahamas So Popular?

  • Firstly, it is a new technology that allows you to take advantage of local mobile phone prices. This is why many travelers choose a virtual SIM card to bypass roaming.
  • Secondly, the eSIM registration is done online. There is no need to travel anywhere, no need to waste time. You will be able to choose, buy and activate a tariff for Bahamas anywhere in the world.
  • Thirdly, you can activate the electronic card at any time. Also, buy a card only for the duration of your trip to Bahamas. You will not need to sign a contract for a long time and overpay.
  • Fourthly, the technology is so popular that many cellular companies offer tariffs for Bahamas at favorable prices.
Best eSIM Bahamas
Best eSIM Bahamas

List of Carriers for Purchasing Bahamas eSIM

  1. BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Company). BTC is the largest mobile operator in the Bahamas. The company provides a wide range of services including mobile, internet and telecommunication services. You will be able to request eSIM rates from the company. As there are many offers for an individual or group package for your trip to Bahamas.
  2. Airalo. An international mobile operator with support for new technology. Here you can find a 7-day tariff with a cost as low as $10. In this case the traffic will be 1 gigabyte of internet.
  3. ALIV is a relatively new mobile phone operator in the Bahamas that began offering service in 2016. For information about eSIM tariffs and prices from ALIV, you should refer to the official website or contact their support team.


In total, a trip to Bahamas is an opportunity to get the whole range of emotions and feelings. Here every traveler will find an unforgettable experience. Also, will never forget this archipelago, because here are real natural treasures. Meanwhile, travelling is much easier and safer with an active internet connection. And you can receive traffic, calls and sms for a reasonable price without roaming with an eSIM.

Don’t forget that the most valuable gift is the memories of adventure and the unique experience of your trip, which you can share with your family and friends. So go on a long-awaited trip to Bahamas. Happy travelling!


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